Monday, September 28, 2009

Stinky Boy

Don't let that innocent face fool you. He may be blind but he sure knows his nose!

Ah.... Friday night and thinking I'd go to bed early but Colby blind guy has to be let out for pee time. Normally, this is a pretty routine event but not this night. A skunk had meandered through the yard and right away blind guy picks up on the scent, taking off like a lightening bolt. He's now having to wear a red, strobe-flashing ball on his collar due to a couple recent events of running off into the darkness and then coming home via the route we live along (80 km posted speeds!).

So, I'm out there with ugly old crocks on my feet, not planning on running through the wet grass with flashlight in hand, yelling and hoping I don't step in dog crap as I chase a barking strobe light. Suddenly the blind guy does an abrupt about-face and the strobe is... what is it doing... it has new batteries. Why is Colby rolling on the ground and what is that smell? NOOOOOOO!!!! He's been skunked. Again.

Sigh. This time, he's taken into the garage and left for a bit while I try to figure out what to do. His last outdoor, late-night bath resulted in disaster when he ran off. Poor guy. A quick internet search led me to a solution of peroxide, baking soda and dish soap but I didn't have enough of the first two ingredients. No matter. He just got sprayed around one ear and I'm desparate. So I cleaned that area with the strange solution, wiped it all off with wet rags and brought him in the house. It worked! Not 100% but good enough for all of us to get some peaceful zzzzz's. Except for my little meow-meow, CeCe. She was traumatized by all the commotion and hid on a shelf of the computer desk behind my keyboard. I had to pry her out and take her upstairs to comfort her (for about a half hour). So much for an early night.

As for Colby's late night pee time these days, he's getting leashed. Not that that means anything to him since he knows how to get free from it in seconds flat... if he must. So far, so good but it's only been three days!


  1. What a mess! Just what you want to deal with late in the evening.

    Thanks so much for your comment over on WOW.


  2. can you share your deskunking recipe with me? It's just a matter of time before our Aussie Shepherd has an encounter!

  3. Kim.... I'm happy to share the recipe. Here's a link for you that will give you the proper ratios. I think you could easily do half that if he only gets a blast in the face. I literally had to sniff up close to Colby before locating the area where he was sprayed. Here's the link... * what happened to your blog? I was going to put the link there but can't find you.

  4. We did ketchup once with one of our dogs, but now I can't remember if it worked. (It must have, but I don't know the recipe.)

    All I remember was how awful it was and my eyes were tearing so badly I couldn't see what I was doing.

    One of the great things about living here is that everyone's gardens are fenced in. It's heaven to just open the door for pee and play time. I remember the days in the States when I was always worrying about roads and other mishaps.

    We did have a fox terrier who used to dig out all the time though. That's the problem with terriers. He was so cute though it was hard to get mad at him and he had a way of cuddling up. . .

  5. Hi Beansgood,
    thanks for the recipe - have bookmarked it for DEFINITE future use.
    I don't have a blog anymore, but I keep meaning to start a new one, especially since we've moved to PEI. I will let you know when I do!
    Do you read the WOW website regularly? So do I! Do you write, then? I haven't gone through your archives to see if you do.

  6. I must confess that I don't recall visiting her site, let alone commenting there but I may have. LOL! It's embarrassing when someone comments and my only reaction/thought is "oh, ummmm.... gee, uh. *sigh*"

    I have brain fog as I transition to whatever it is I'm transitioning towards in life. My excuse is that my brain has been invaded by aliens from the planet Hormone. I'm sticking by it cause it's true!

    I write here (ramble is a better choice of words). I don't 'write'.

  7. Well, isn't that odd? I wonder what led her to your blog?

    You do 'write' - I think that every blogger has an inner writer awaiting release!

    As for hormones, well, I can relate to that!