Sunday, October 21, 2012

Peak colour of our maples

What a difference a few days makes to our maples! The sun was filtering through them and I just had to try and capture the beauty. We are blessed.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

October Greetings..

Wow... so long since I last blogged. Why? Cause I don't really have much to share except for the fact that I still fully believe and embrace the fact that I live in a quiet and peaceful land that is close to paradise. I've not forgotten my first year here exclaiming to my Hubs (like everyday), "Look where we landed! It's so beautiful here." 

OK.. maybe that's not quite true that I don't have much to share but I don't wish to only whine and bellyache publicly about things that are temporary. Things like unemployment and the prospects of finding gainful employment perceived as bleak. Not a local? Don't speak French? Don't bother to apply! Do I wish to commute an 80 km plus round trip for minimum wage? Nope! Gas prices, my aging car and winter driving diminish the value of a decent income, never mind the hours of unpaid commute time and stress levels through the roof. Nope... not for minimum wage. I may as well be working for $5/hr. Seriously. These things can take a toll, leave one feeling 'dull' and sometimes afraid. It tends to cause me to behave like an ostrich with its head in the sand. Did you know that's just a comical portrayal of denial? I'm not facing things that I need to deal with and the good news is that I'm aware of that fact. An opportunity to do something about it!

But I digress. Autumn here has been slow to come yet summer has slammed the door in our faces at times with abrupt temperature drops and then teasing us once again with warm, balmy days. I recently took my camera out with me one gloomy day and was not impressed with the fall beauty I had seen at dusk just the night before. All I got was this, from a park that is drop dead gorgeous in spring (if you know just the right time to go). Pretty building but fall colours were not grabbing my attention as I drove through the entire park. *yawn*

Only days later, I was throwing the ball to my blind guy.. he's just recovered from surgery, by the way. Poor guy had to have his left eye removed due to glaucoma. We struggled in every way about it but it was the best thing for him and he's happy and pain free now. That's all that matters. So, I was spending time with the boy and I turned behind me to admire the way our maples were changing colour and the way the sun was filtering through the trees.

When I look around me, right in my own back yard, I remember how much I have to be thankful for and how much beauty surrounds us. I don't have to go anywhere else to find it. All the other stuff... it will work itself out. I know this to be true. I have an inner peace about it and I have a realistic plan. My plan has obstacles but it's OK. I'll conquer them. Meanwhile, I have this and so much more....