Monday, September 19, 2011

Reno Update....

Things have come a long way since my last post with the mudroom reno. It's such a relief to have this near completion. We feared the attached garage wouldn't make it through another winter. During the course of the demo, it was discovered that the posts on the north wall that the structure sat on were just pounded into the ground without any cement footings. Any wonder it was sinking, rotting from the ground up and prone to some serious frost heaves! 

Stairs to the cellar... where I don't need to go!

Looking at the north wall

New shingle on mud room & back of house next year

Entrance on west side

Looking at the east wall. Skirting to come to keep rodents out.

Coming along... lattice will go and hardy board skirting added

Temporary stairs. Wrap around deck next summer?

A deck will cover the ugly, old cement garage floor

Skirting being added to keep rodents out
Our new mudroom is built with 2 x 6 lumber, up off the ground on post techs that go about 8 ft into the ground. The floor is insulated and under that is fine wire mesh to keep the rodents out. We're almost there... needing some exterior finish work and then interior insulation, drywall and floors to do. Such a big improvement!