Sunday, January 12, 2014

Making a way where there is none, and the weather, of course!

OK.... that's a misleading subject title. There's always a way. It's about finding it. That's basically what I've been doing. Now, about the weather, what else does one who lives in the country with dogs ramble about? Ahhh, it's a quiet life with much less 'noise' and stress.

It's been so long since I last blogged about anything (outside of a new puppy announcement) so I forget were I left off.  Vague memories of struggling to get my little Etsy shop going and being jobless are coming to mind. I'm too lazy to go rummaging about in past entries.

Jango is the cutest little dog! He's a joy, smart and sensitive...  almost one year old already. 

I've gotten myself a few steady clients that I do some graphic design work for and I'm determined to put more effort into my store. I tend to get distracted too easily so my goal will be to stay focussed and committed to at least one listing per day. I keep asking myself, "How hard can that be?" Well.... apparently, I have a stumbling block to push out of my way. I HATE, LOATHE and STRUGGLE with writing the descriptions. I get through it eventually but when I'm stuck and researching similar items to help me determine a price point, I get lost in other sites. It's crazy.

I have winter on my side when it comes to indoor time and making good use of it. And what a roller coaster winter it's been so far. On New Years day, I made a video in -20ºC temps to document all the snow we got in December. We had several storms and below normal temperatures starting earlier than usual. Yesterday, it went up to 8ºC but not until early evening, staying that way overnight. And, wow... did it rain! It's going to be mild all week and that will mean lots of snow melt, a river of water passing through the property and eight very muddy paws to deal with several times per day.