Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nor Easters and a New Year

I'm tired. I feel deflated. Alone (but I know, by faith, that I'm not alone). I battle things that I have no control over... things that involve other people. People that I love. Control... big word. I control how I choose to react to things. I control what time I should go to bed. I control those kinds of things regarding me. But I don't control how others behave, how they perceive me, my life or my choices in life. They see through their own way of seeing things. I cannot make them understand that which even I cannot understand regarding my day to day life. 

But one thing is for sure. I have made it clear where I stand. Whether other loved ones understand that or not is neither here nor there. My 'stand' is not easy, not even understood by me at times but I have declared it to be so... I am loyal to that which I am committed to.

To those loved ones who cannot accept or understand my loyalties, I bid you adieu. It's futile for me to even try to get them to understand. I have tried and either I have failed in my deliveries or they have failed in their ability to really 'hear' or accept what I'm so desperate to have them understand. At the end of this, I just want them to accept what I tell them.. not to have everything understood. That's just not possible.

My heart is saddened by this loss.

New Year's resolutions are so over-rated. Much like Christmas. For me, the best Christmas I could ever have would be to give someone without hope a taste of what the reason for the season really means.

I recall one Christmas many years ago when my brother spent a Christmas with me and my Mom and mentioned this man he met that was staying in some kind of boarding house, lonely and in the company of some young rowdy men. He had called him and the poor soul was just spending the day in bed... best option regarding his situation. I told my brother to go fetch him to join us for a turkey dinner. My Mom, who had suffered a stroke some years back, had not played her guitar or sang because it just didn't come out on key. Well... that night it was different. Her and our special guest played guitar and sang... it was such a joy to see her sing again (and on key!)... the best Christmas I ever had. Never saw that man again. Maybe he was put in our lives for a specific reason. Maybe vice-versa.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nor easter

This is the first day of winter in eastern New Brunswick. Normally, it's a winter wonderland by this time but this is not a normal year. I hate nor easters. Big time!

The above video is a couple hours before high tide. The water would cover more of the road and as nightfall approached and right now there are utility vehicles posted at either side of the flooded road. I guess they'll be there for the night with those orange lights flashing, flashing, flashing. At least they'll not be flashing in my bedroom window but I do have blinds.

And this is across the street. You can see where my neighbour put up a 'snow' fence after cleaning up a lot of debris from the last storm. Isn't that kinda like sticking your finger in a leaky dam? Resistance is futile. You can see his shingles flapping away... just hanging in there (last I looked, anyway). We have the same thing happening on the north side of our roof. Changes coming this spring and some much needed exterior work will take place. I'm so done with stressing with each storm. Our poor east wall and attached garage will get a complete revamp. Also time for new windows and siding. It's just become so necessary and we'll have some great and much needed help.

This is not a major river. It's rather shallow and in summer, when the tide is out, we can walk across with the water only being about 4 feet or so deep. Today, it's flexing some muscle. I'd hate to be near the ocean right now. Storm surge, full moon, high tides... yuk. 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Delightful Place to Visit.....

There's a little shop along the New Brunswick coastline just beyond the Bouctouche Dunes that I love to visit. I discovered it shortly after moving here as I was getting to know the area. The shop owners are a delightful and quirky pair (quirky is a good term to me... unique and interesting). He is called the "Woodchuck" and his carvings are of a primitive style... each one telling a story. She is the Woodchip, having her own store filled with wonderful things. I can spend an hour there and I'll be heard frequently saying "Oh! I didn't see that! It's gorgeous." 

He's built an addition to his shop. Rather interesting and full of a different kind of 'collectible'. Her shop is a tiny little building filled with lovely treasures, more appealing to feminine tastes. I'll just let the pictures tell the story.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Hands Aren't Broken... I'm Still Here

Seems the exercise of blogging is something that has escaped me lately.

I have every good intention of displaying my recent finds in the near future. There are several new goodies but I've been firmly told to curb my appetite. So, with that being said, I'm thinking of gathering a number of items that might be of interest to others and selling some off, thus making room for more lovely finds. I just need to figure out what venue... eBay, Etsy or what?

I think the thrill of the finding a vintage item is greater than having the item. It's the great price I got it for, knowing full well that city prices are much higher. It's almost like a challenge. I've also gotten my sister-in-law hooked. She and I are currently in withdrawal as she's in a similar situation where there's just no room to put all her newly found treasures. They're renting for now, looking for land and will build. Maybe by then, I will have purged some items so I can make room for more and she will have lots of new empty places to fill. 

On a side note, I'm saddened as Colby Blind Guy's 'good' eye has clouded over. We've always felt he had a bit of vision through that eye as he could dodge some objects without a verbal "watch out". He seems to be adapting, though and is loving the time outdoors fetching his ball. Bad weather hinders that time and it's so hard trying to entertain him indoors. He's so full of energy.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blind Dog Colby Can Fetch

This is what my Blind Guy, Colby lives for... stimulus is so necessary for this breed of dog. If the weather isn't cooperating, then he has plenty of indoor toys that he'll bring to me where I have to comply, interacting with him and getting majorly goobered. If I try ignoring him, he'll see to it that he's not going anywhere and will always get his way but it's all good. He always makes us laugh.

As you can see, he loses track of where you are when bringing the ball back so we have to clap or talk to him and then he has no problem.

And, hey! that music track is by my talented brother, Guy who played and recorded this in his studio and sent to me. Whoo hoo! Great guitar player.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Beauty

Fellow West-moves-East blogger over at PEI Home has just inspired me to share some of my fall photos that we Easterners are privy to and, let me tell you, it's always incredibly breathtaking in light of the fact that warmer West Coast climates don't offer much more than green and lots of yellow (yawn). OK, OK... we don't have mountains and the sun sets in the land but we're talking fall colours here. What we enjoy are the rich colours of yellows, oranges and brilliant reds with a balanced mix of greens. 

just a note.... all but the last photo were taken a couple years ago with my little 2 mega pixel camera. Poohey... they're not so great when you click on them and the last one is not so brilliant in colour. A shame.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I'm somehow stuck on the fact that in order to blog, I need to plunk away at my keyboard and babble about some event or such. Well, since I am the author of this blog, I do not have to do that every time. So I won't. 

I recently adopted a new-to-me camera and since I'm a 'point and shoot/hope for the best' kind of gal, I'm now motivated to actually try and learn about the various settings my new-to-me camera offers. So, that said, I'm just going to add some random shots just for the sake of keeping my blog alive. (edit.... Hubs took the herb photos. His were better than mine so he deserves the credit)



Pink Cosmo

White Cosmo

Vintage Napco Shakers (for $1.00!!)

Our Morning View


Finally! I can capture the moon.

My bad girl, CeCe (how can you stay mad at that?)

Morning Mist on the River

Garden Tomatoes

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Song of Faith

I hope I can link this song successfully. The first time I heard it, I cried like a baby. Then I played it some more and I cried just as much. LOL! It ends on a happy note though.

I thought it was so beautiful so I shared it with my little 10 year old friend that I look after sometimes. She had her elbows propped up on the desk beside me. I couldn't see her face and wondered if she was really taking in the words of the song. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw tear drops falling and turned to look at her. Oh my... she cried like I did. I wrapped my arms around her and said "keep listening, it has a beautiful ending."

Taken recently from my front yard. Two images merged into one.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Love My Guy's Frenchys

There's a special place I frequent where I always find great things. It's called Guy's Frenchys... there are several throughout the Maritimes. During the summer months, tourists flock to these stores in search of great bargains. You never know what you'll find there. High-end clothing, foot wear, vintage goodies (my favourite thing to shop for), curtains, table cloths, books, jewelry, etc. Everything is thrown into large bins and you really need to spend time to find great deals, not to mention patience. 

And directly across from there is another little second-hand shop where there are often excellent goodies to be found. The average price on most of these items is $3.00 - how can one just walk away from that? Vintage glasswear and china is much cheaper.

I'd like to share with you some of my recent finds. Only the percolator came from a garage sale. A few weeks ago I just missed out on a never-used one so this was a must-have. I'd been wanting one for a long time and was searching on eBay, unwilling to fork out a fortune on shipping costs. At $4.00, this was a much better deal. 

At first I thought "yuk" but then I had to have it. 

I wonder if this is done by hand or machine. 

This is now being used to make great coffee. 

While the outside surface of my vintage find is scuffed up, the inside is as clean as never used.

This Pyrex mixing bowl shows signs of lots of use. I prefer to see it as having patina.

I think this sterling silver ring is rather pretty.

I like the frames (got a pair at $3.00 each) but those prints gotta go.

How sweet is this little letter holder? It had a price tag of 75 cents but she didn't include it in the total... on purpose. Nice.

Major score! This is marked "Glo-Mar Artworks NY" and my Google searches led me to some pricey pieces. Not that this is worth a fortune, but still, it's a great find.
Matching hook for one dollar!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Vintage Delights

These roses are so beautifully done....

I've been at it again ~ collecting when I just don't have anymore room to put things (...pssst - there's always room, OK?). I blame the arrival of my sister-in-law's recent move here from the other side of Canada. Hubs has asked me to curb my vintage appetite, but compelled by proper etiquette and all, I just had to show her where I find all manner of good things for cheap. So, I leave you with some recent finds that were just too affordable to pass by. 

This so so pretty and I scored three small bowls with saucers.
Pretty in pink

I have a fondness for soft greens

Not sure if these are vintage but they were calling out to me.

So pretty and, sadly, no matching tea cup
Another lonely piece without a saucer but how could I resist its beauty?
So delicate... a couple sips of tea and the cup is empty