Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blind Dog Colby Can Fetch

This is what my Blind Guy, Colby lives for... stimulus is so necessary for this breed of dog. If the weather isn't cooperating, then he has plenty of indoor toys that he'll bring to me where I have to comply, interacting with him and getting majorly goobered. If I try ignoring him, he'll see to it that he's not going anywhere and will always get his way but it's all good. He always makes us laugh.

As you can see, he loses track of where you are when bringing the ball back so we have to clap or talk to him and then he has no problem.

And, hey! that music track is by my talented brother, Guy who played and recorded this in his studio and sent to me. Whoo hoo! Great guitar player.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Beauty

Fellow West-moves-East blogger over at PEI Home has just inspired me to share some of my fall photos that we Easterners are privy to and, let me tell you, it's always incredibly breathtaking in light of the fact that warmer West Coast climates don't offer much more than green and lots of yellow (yawn). OK, OK... we don't have mountains and the sun sets in the land but we're talking fall colours here. What we enjoy are the rich colours of yellows, oranges and brilliant reds with a balanced mix of greens. 

just a note.... all but the last photo were taken a couple years ago with my little 2 mega pixel camera. Poohey... they're not so great when you click on them and the last one is not so brilliant in colour. A shame.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


I'm somehow stuck on the fact that in order to blog, I need to plunk away at my keyboard and babble about some event or such. Well, since I am the author of this blog, I do not have to do that every time. So I won't. 

I recently adopted a new-to-me camera and since I'm a 'point and shoot/hope for the best' kind of gal, I'm now motivated to actually try and learn about the various settings my new-to-me camera offers. So, that said, I'm just going to add some random shots just for the sake of keeping my blog alive. (edit.... Hubs took the herb photos. His were better than mine so he deserves the credit)



Pink Cosmo

White Cosmo

Vintage Napco Shakers (for $1.00!!)

Our Morning View


Finally! I can capture the moon.

My bad girl, CeCe (how can you stay mad at that?)

Morning Mist on the River

Garden Tomatoes