Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vintage Pretties

I just can't resist buying pretty vintage things for cheap. Many of my findings here were in the price range of $0.25 - $3.00 and because they're not breaking my budget, they're finding their way into my home. "...but they followed me home, really!"

I'm afraid I'm running out of places to put things and hubs is continuing to tell me I'm in danger of becoming a hoarder. I protest, telling him I'm building inventory for my 'little vintage shop' I'll have one day. I'm going to sell these one day and make a good return on my investment. Yah, right!

This "little vintage shop' is a dream and we need to dream because you just never know when that dream might become a tangible goal to work towards. Right? It's important to nurture a dream, feed it, keep it growing cause you never know.... right? So, aside from my love of vintage 'stuff' that's my reason for collecting vintage pretties... nothing of great value except in the eye of the beholder (like me, for instance). I know I'm not alone, right?

At a local thrift store, I found TWO vintage tablecloths and paid $0.50 for each of them. That's right!

I try to avoid using the flash on my camera. This clock is only retro in style but it's metal with a glass face and a price tag of $3.00. How could I NOT buy this?

I adopted these sweet things.

Lou Lou Belle was purchased in BC for a tidy price (meaning I paid too much), but I love her.

Come on now, seriously.... could you walk away from these little chicks?

Glass grapes from a yard sale and my Fenton compote was a gift from a dear friend.

This was a lucky find. It's a piggy bank and oh so femme!

The handle of this pretty gem is in rough shape (what do you expect for $1.00) so we're thinking it would make a great wall clock.

Ebay purchase. The frame is in rough shape so perhaps I'll watch for a replacement. Or not.

Hub's sister was going to trash this until hubs told her I would love to add that to my collection.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Food Freak...

So, I've not blogged in some time and then I wonder why my lonely little blog is so lonely... but it was never about popularity, this blogging adventure. I should write about why exactly I do blog but I have no straight answer. Still, a bit of recognition is most welcome.

In keeping my blog alive, I am going to plaster a whole mess o' foodie pics and I can't take credit for the majority of it. When we were city dwellers we had the opportunity to explore our cultural palate so far as our taste buds were concerned. This became a challenge for hubs... I would say "I bet you could do this at home" and, well, game on!

If you're hungry I hope, at the very least, you're inspired to get creative with endless choices of what you can create. I must, at this point, direct you to an incredible place to motivate and entice you: www.tastespotting.com

Random order and no comments. Just the loveliness of good food that we are blessed to enjoy in the comforts of our own home and all made from scratch. Thank you my Love... you cook good and I have the blessed occasion of contributing.

One final note... we're sitting down to dinner and I get up and run off. Hubs says "What are you doing?" I answer, "I'm getting my camera, I have to take a picture of this." He pretends like it's not necessary but I know deep down that he's flattered and he knows it will end up here or somewhere.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Winter is Cruel!

It's not right.... three storms inside of one week. I can handle snow with no wind, wind with no snow or rain with wind but I so totally dread snow with wind. Now, it just so happens that OUR driveway gets hammered with deep drifts, then along comes the snowplow to add to the equation, leaving a couple feet of heavy snow in between giant 4-5 foot snowbanks. This is because we're on a slight incline so it's all pushed up and deposited in our driveway. The winds blow snow from the north (not good), the northeast (worse than not good) and east (the very worst). What happens is the drifts tend to fill in to the same height as the snowbanks. Are you drawing a mental picture? I look out at the two homes across the street and they barely have anything worth shoveling. It makes me sad, mad, frustrated - to say the least.

The forecast is showing a break in the weather with some sunny days but I fear it will take weeks for these massive snowbanks to disappear. It's disheartening but I know it won't last much longer, however, forecasters are saying it's not over yet. I hope they're wrong. Hubs cleared the massive drifts late this afternoon but they're filling in again and it's not even snowing anymore. Thanks wind... thanks for nothing. I don't like you, wind.

These photos show the aftermath of Monday's storm which was on the heels of Friday's storm (the one with all the ice), so you can imagine how it looks out there now. Actually, I won't know just how bad until I open my eyes upon waking. It's not something I look forward to whatsoever.