Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh, deer!

It's not often I get to see a couple of young deer come down to the river's edge and swim across. That's not to say wildlife here is in short supply. It certainly is not!

A couple of years back, hubs was in back of the shed, doing finishing touches and standing on a ladder. There is an approximate 12 foot space to the neighbour's gazebo and a deer came bounding through, brushing against the ladder and hub's legs and startling both of them. I mean, we're in the country with a smattering of homes in a tiny village.

Deer sightings are common. Just not by me so much. And didn't they bound across the road in front of pick up? Fortunately, the driver saw them before they scooted out in front of him.

Sorry for the blurry in the first two shots.... it was a stretch for my camera to zoom that far and through the branches at the road's edge. In the last photo, one deer is looking over this way because we had barking Blind Guy safely behind our locked screened door who knew something was going on. Letting him loose would be a disaster as he just goes after something like a mad dog. Gentle Mike started to give chase but he could see they were much bigger than him.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hummingbirds at the feeders

This little video was taken on the morning of May 26th, a time when it was quite the feeding frenzy. I believe the females were preparing for the time they'll spend in their nests caring for their young. 

We've been enjoying these amazing birds for several years now and I've learned the females will be back at the feeders in droves before summer's end to fatten up for their migration south. They will be smaller than their babies who have left the nest and we'll be busy keeping the feeders filled at that time. Right now, it's a bit quieter at the feeders. We have one particular hummingbird who is quite territorial and perches himself in the chain of the hanging basket, keeping watch over HIS feeder and going after all others.

The second video shows how crazy it got at the feeders. They prefer this particular one. Sorry about the TV going on in the background, I was amazed at how many were flocking to that feeder and I just grabbed my camera to capture all the activity.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Backyard Delights

On Friday, I bought hubs a birthday present - a Virginia Creeper, thinking it was the next best thing to Boston Ivy which is what he really prefers. Wrong! I had to take it back after learning how invasive they are and "just where is it supposed to go?", he asks. Doh! 

So, back to the nursery I went on Saturday, exchanging the Creeper for these Rodgersias, only to learn after I got home that they are hard to grow and prefer a wet, bog type soil. Oops! "Don't you read the tags on these things?", he asks. Um, my glasses were in the car. We chose a spot that gets dappled shade and less chance of drying out. We shall see how they manage and after 24 hrs of being transplanted, I see no signs of stress. They are wonderfully fragrant.

Since I had my camera out, I snapped a few shots of other pretty things growing in our yard.


Bumble bees enjoying the chive flowers.

Flowers on the pom pom tree

Black current

Red current

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cedar Waxwings

Hubs was happily tending to tandoori chicken on the bbq, while the dogs enjoyed some fresh air and the scent of food cooking. Colby Blind Guy was busy barking and chasing after birds when hubs noticed our silver maple and crab apple tree was a focal point for these beautiful Cedar Waxwings. He called for me to get my camera but I could only hobble to fetch my it while complaining my sprained ankle hurt too much and could he please snap a shot or two.

They were hastily taken (blind guy barking them into flight) and a bit dark so photoshop and my handy-dandy skills went to work and here are the results. I love these birds.

Sweet tiny hummingbird nest (umm... maybe just a small bird's nest)

Hubs just came in and handed me this adorable little hummingbird nest. He found it on the ground beneath one of our maples so I guess the wind must have blown it off its perch.

It's so sweet and perfect, even fur lined with what I suspect is my dogs fur. My Blind Guy Colby has very coarse fur but his winter undercoat is much finer and we had been brushing the boys outdoors to help the shedding along.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm Moving....

Well, no... I'm not really moving. 

I'm moving some of my vintage photos that I'm willing to part with over to my other blog. And then, I'm pinning them to my virtual board over at

I just posted about it here...

Pinterest is a great thing, I think. I was invited quite some time ago but never really paid much attention but now... I'm getting on to a new addiction.