Friday, November 16, 2012

Where have I been?

Life moves slowly in the country. Things don't change much so blogging about nothing is kinda boring.

I'm in a transitioning stage since gainful employment is scarce and, when found, you're required to speak both French and English. I could easily go on a rant about balance, fairness to all, how the majority in this province are not bilingual. I'll spare you because, to me, the subject has gotten old and we did choose to live in a French community, after all. But still.... everyone knows English. So, whatever. I need to move on and find ways to survive without this monkey on my back. 

Oh.. I'm sorry. Do I sound bitter? Nah... I just have moments. I honestly didn't know it would be like this when we came here regarding the language issue. There are four Maritime provinces where jobs are not plentiful or desirable or good paying and I kinda knew that. I thought I'd be able to find something in my trade with enough pay to make a long commute worthwhile. I was naive.

I'm learning a bit about myself, though. Seems I have a mountain to move. I need to break through an invisible barrier that's holding me back in order to launch my vintage online store. Like, I really need to get on this! I've laboured over my photos, gotten positive feedback from great friends who visit my other blog where I post images, researched my wares and added to my growing list of great finds. So, what's stopping me now? Well, that's a good question. I'm dealing with it and chipping away at the 'thing' so I can get this show on the road. I have made small steps and there's just one more big one to make. I'm literally on the threshold of crossing over the last barrier. I've never seen myself as a 'fearful' person so this has been an ordeal. I'm not giving up! I think that deep down I don't believe in myself.

In early October, I took Colby, blind guy to the vet about his left eye. It didn't look good and I feared the worst. My gut feeling was right that he might lose the eye. He had glaucoma as well as an ulcer on the eye so three days after calling the vet, he was in surgery. It wasn't cheap and I'm thankful we had the means to deal with the costs but those funds were designated for other things. Let's just say the timing was really bad.

This (above) was the day after his surgery. The cone was hell for him. Bad enough he's blind. That cone had him so disoriented. He didn't know his way around, would walk head-on into a wall or cupboard door and just stand there. I couldn't see him going through 2 weeks of this. He had pain meds for five days which made him sleepy and as much as I didn't like giving him meds, it was a small comfort to know he wasn't suffering more than he could have been.

That cone, though! Arrrggh. I did some online research about other options and learned about this Optivisor, then managing to track one down in the nearest 'city' after a few phone calls. What a relief! It was too long and he had a hard time eating his food so I cut it back. After a week or so, I was able to take him out with his favorite squeak ball and throw it a few times. He lives for that. Being a working dog by nature, it's important for him to have a 'job' so three or four times a day, he's busy doing what a dog's gotta do. Rainy days are a real drag for him so sometimes I'll suck it up and not worry about how wet and muddy he'll get (or how bad of a hair day I'll have). He's healed now and back to his barky, goofy self. More importantly, he's not in terrible pain anymore.