Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm a dufus, goof ball and my Mama loves me...

I got skunked! At first, I was so excited and drawn to this 'scent'. It didn't help that my Papa let me loose to investigate whatever it was that Mikey was 'niffin.... his nickname being Niffer (short for Sniffer) and what with MY nose being somewhat superior to his. I didn't know what would happen, how could I be to blame? All I know is my senses were sent reeling with an incredible blow dealt by a little stinky animal. Who knew?

The commotion to follow was too much for me. They thought it was Mikey that got skunked and I just had to wipe my face on my couch. That didn't help much so, in my agitated state, I ran owners were too 'yellie' trying to figure out what was going on, so I sought relief on my Mommy's bed. She got me out of there though, outside where Papa washed my face. I was so upset I ran away and I could hear my Mommy calling my name and whistling really loud. My Papa was on his scooter, I could hear him but I was scared and the smell bothered me so much. My Mommy was crying and so I came home to comfort her. Her and Papa were so happy to see me and they kissed me, especially Mommy, even though I smelled really bad.

After a couple days, Mommy seemed really happy about something and then some men in a big truck brought new doggie beds to our house that smell new. They call those beds a couch and chair... but they're much nicer than that old stinky stuff and fluffier too. I'm a happy camper cause they let me go on the new 'doggie beds' sometimes and the stinky stuff on my nose ain't so bad now except if I get wet from swimming in river or running in the wet grass smellin' the good things in there. I like things my Mama finds disgusting.

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  1. I talked it over with the girls -- Macha & Charlotte -- and they agreed: They saw no contradiction about mixing a blog about subjects of interest to them, i.e. other dogs, with blogs about France.

    So, up you go on my favorites and I hope it brings you hundreds and hundreds of visits from people who sometimes would rather talk to a dog than a human. I know I do. Talk about pure love. . .

    Best regards,