Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Reality Stress..

Oh... my eyes hurt from strain. Strain from what? I can only conclude it's stress related. My bad news from blood work reveals a 'hypothyroid' but I have no symptoms. Or do I? Now, I question everything in relation to some stress issues regarding work, aging and other more personal things. Were these things contributing factors? Will I ever know? At the end of it... I'm having to take a pill everyday for the rest of my life. Perhaps I'll find out that I feel better and didn't even realize I was having symptoms till after the fact. That would be a bonus. I could use that.. a bonus.

I'm still very thankful for every good thing in my life. My blessings far outweigh my trials. Trials are like bad odours that take over the perfumed scents of life's beauty. Ever notice how that works?

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  1. Dear Michelle,

    I guess you edited out my comment about "reciprocal trade agreements," which I didn't at all mean to sound harsh. I meant simply I love reading your blog because of the way you feel about animals and therefore I can only assume you are a lovely human being.

    I have the same hypothyroid condition, discovered purely by a random blood test years ago and have been taking a pill for at least 15 years now. As far as I know, except for the fact none of us really likes to take medication, it's relatively banal though it often takes time to find the right dosage and that can be frustrating. (I think being exhausted is one symptom.)

    At any rate, I apologize -- once again. You're on my favorites for the reasons mentioned above (not your thyroid). Simple as that.