Thursday, June 17, 2010

Doggy Cat

Will you play with me please? If you don't, I will bug you until you do!

Yeah... this cat, CeCe, came to us as a wee thing. I worried about Blind Guy hurting her or him getting his eyes scratched. Imagine my horror at watching him put her entire little head into his mouth one day but he never hurt her. He often nibbles her back with his front teeth and she seems to enjoy getting the 'massage'.

I sometimes wonder if she thinks she's a dog. She tends to copy things the dogs do... begging at the table, fetching her favorite toy and retrieving it so I can throw it again. This fetch thing is now demanded by her and my refusal is met by a constant meowing which annoys the daylights out of both me and hubs.

This seems to have become her necessary playtime with me so I spend fifteen minutes or so throwing a tin foil ball for her to chase, many of which end up under the fridge, or stove, or furniture. It's easier for me to just make a new ball than crawl around on hands and knees fishing them out of there resting places.

Then, cleaning day and some results.... (this was under just the fridge)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Poor Little Blind Guy

Colby is full of zeal. OK, not in this photo. He rests with just as much zeal but not for too long at a time. He loves to bark, loves to play, loves to run. He has favorite toys that have quirky names (thanks to hubs). He has a queak-queak, a tick-tick, a kong, a pull-pull and a chew-chew. These toys (in order) are a knobby squeaky ball, a stick, a kong, a kong with a stretchy band attached, and a thick twist of rubber that is great for chewing.

This morning, he was let out by hubs for his pee time. Now, I always go out and keep my eye on him so he doesn't do his business in the neighbour's yard or decide to go on an unsupervised romp. Hubs does not do this. He just lets him out and then goes to the kitchen to put coffee on. I was still in bed, struggling to open my eyes, aware that my blind guy was out there alone and trusting he'd be a good boy (which he is most of the time) and will just make his way to the front door.

After a little bit, to get Colby's attention, hubs takes the queak-queak outside and 'queaks' it. This always gets his attention. He came running, full tilt and ran hard into the old and heavy cast iron 'fire pit' in the back yard. OUCH! This is when our hearts break for him. He's usually aware of everything in the yard and dodges things successfully but his excitement gets the better of him at times. He suffered a gash under his totally blind eye and another small cut between his eyes.

Thankfully, these injuries don't happen often but he's one tough dog. He carries on like nothing happened at all, barking, playing, romping and all of that. We thought we'd help take his mind off his pain (I'm sure it was smarting) and took him and Mikey for a long two hour walk on a lonely dirt road. He was in doggie glory as there's nothing (much) to get in his way and he can run and bark to his heart's content.

Monday, June 7, 2010

After the Rain Comes the Mosquito

Kim, you made me do this and it's making me itchy.

Ain't Gonna Rain No More

Well, here's hoping. Sick of the rain... sick, sick, sick. So, sign along with the bouncing ball and maybe we can just chase away those heavy dark clouds!