Monday, September 16, 2013

Jango. Rhymes with tango

It's forever ago since I last blogged. Life just got busy and I don't seem to do busy very well anymore. I could go morning to night and never be caught up so I'm just going with the flow and prioritizing. It's far more relaxing.

We got a puppy in the spring. While we hoped for a purebred Australian cattle dog, it was too difficult to find one without putting it through the wringer of shipping him to us. And the expense. We have other priorities so we put aside our wants and deal with our needs. 

WE didn't NEED a puppy. Our Blind Guy, Colby did. Being an ACD means lots of stimulus and we can only throw a ball so many times. He's free to roam the yard but he was getting bored, I think. He always had our other dog, Mikey.

Jango is a mix of Australian cattle dog, Australian shepherd and border collie. He's 7 1/2 months old now and is my sweetheart. He's a mama's boy and a darn good frisbee catcher (well, he's still a bit off on his landings but he's loving his new 'thing'). He's also been wonderful for Colby. They have tons of playtime, both with us and each other. Takes a bit of pressure off when we have other things to tend to. 

This succession of photos starts at 8 weeks of age (end of March) and ends at six months of age (end of July). His growth spurt in the first couple of months was amazing. Sharp teeth, puppy breath, and full of mischief. See the last photo for proof. We only left him alone for a very short while. Hubs was mowing the lawn and I scooted off to the store for groceries. It only happened this one time although we did have to curb his love of not-good-for-eating type plants. He learned very quickly. He's one smart and sweet little guy.