Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Quahog Diggin'

It's been a wonderful summer! When spring comes early with warm temps and sunny days, it makes the summer feel more like two seasons instead of one short, fleeting flash in the pan. I love it! 

I was invited by a friend to go digging for quahogs yesterday. It was an interesting experience. I was told to bring aqua shoes and a rubber glove as you feel with your foot for the quahogs and dig them out by hand. One of the ladies who met us there wore socks; a seasoned pro I'm sure as she had the biggest haul.

I will do this again, soon! The smaller ones are best eaten slightly raw, steamed  just until the shells open. If cooked more than that, they tend to be tough and chewy. I think I'll cook up the larger ones to freeze for a savoury seafood chowder to enjoy when the weather cools.... with some homemade biscuits. Nom, nom!