Monday, August 17, 2009

Look Ma... No Bruises!

Having a strong, high energy blind dog means enduring pain. He gives me his paw with great enthusiasm and, having no depth perception, frequently misses the mark. He might scrape those strong doggies nails (black and really hard to trim) down my leg/thigh, inner arm, stomach, etc. etc. and I'm frequently heard saying, "ouch... that's a bruise."

He's sweet and he tries so hard. I'm actually bruise free at the moment and that's great for the heat wave we're having cause I can actually wear short sleeves and shorts without looking speckled.

Life's good.


  1. Well, that's all I need to see and hear. I have now fallen in love with your blog.

    Life without a dog (dogs) is unthinkable. When we moved to France we arrived -- in the same plane of course -- with three huge dogs from the SPCA from Bedford, New York. It didn't take them long to become bi-lingual.

    We now have a deaf dog of 12 who is being kept young and spritely by a four-year-old. Lovely to see.

    Warm regards,

  2. Thank you so much for your comments. I am a firm believer that a 'special needs' dog has SO much to offer. Life without our pets would be dull and our blind guy is somewhat of a challenge but I'm convinced that's entirely due to the nature of the breed. His handicap is, to him, no handicap at all. We are blessed by his presence in our lives.