Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Delightful Place to Visit.....

There's a little shop along the New Brunswick coastline just beyond the Bouctouche Dunes that I love to visit. I discovered it shortly after moving here as I was getting to know the area. The shop owners are a delightful and quirky pair (quirky is a good term to me... unique and interesting). He is called the "Woodchuck" and his carvings are of a primitive style... each one telling a story. She is the Woodchip, having her own store filled with wonderful things. I can spend an hour there and I'll be heard frequently saying "Oh! I didn't see that! It's gorgeous." 

He's built an addition to his shop. Rather interesting and full of a different kind of 'collectible'. Her shop is a tiny little building filled with lovely treasures, more appealing to feminine tastes. I'll just let the pictures tell the story.


  1. We have driven by that place almost every time we been out. We haven't had the time to stop but after having seen your pictures I'm going to have to stop there the next time we come by.

  2. And let me know when you do! I'm not that far away.

  3. Hi there Michelle!
    What beautiful displays. It looks like a treasure hunt. I'm sorry our sailing trip to the area was postponed. I will have to make it a visit this summer. Great photos...... :)