Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blind Dog Colby Can Fetch

This is what my Blind Guy, Colby lives for... stimulus is so necessary for this breed of dog. If the weather isn't cooperating, then he has plenty of indoor toys that he'll bring to me where I have to comply, interacting with him and getting majorly goobered. If I try ignoring him, he'll see to it that he's not going anywhere and will always get his way but it's all good. He always makes us laugh.

As you can see, he loses track of where you are when bringing the ball back so we have to clap or talk to him and then he has no problem.

And, hey! that music track is by my talented brother, Guy who played and recorded this in his studio and sent to me. Whoo hoo! Great guitar player.


  1. So cute :) I grew up with dogs and miss having one around. We don't have the space here for a dog but we have 5 cats instead. They are great too and I love every one of them but I do think about getting a small dog from time to time. Hubs just walked by and said I could get a dog if it was half the size of the cats :) He never had a dog just lots of cats growing up.

  2. Colby is amazing!!! Loved the video Michelle and your brother is pretty talented too. Your photo of Fall in New Brunswick is beautiful.I guess we have to get geared toward winter coming. I took the snow shovel out of the storage just in case!! Susan:)