Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Nor easter

This is the first day of winter in eastern New Brunswick. Normally, it's a winter wonderland by this time but this is not a normal year. I hate nor easters. Big time!

The above video is a couple hours before high tide. The water would cover more of the road and as nightfall approached and right now there are utility vehicles posted at either side of the flooded road. I guess they'll be there for the night with those orange lights flashing, flashing, flashing. At least they'll not be flashing in my bedroom window but I do have blinds.

And this is across the street. You can see where my neighbour put up a 'snow' fence after cleaning up a lot of debris from the last storm. Isn't that kinda like sticking your finger in a leaky dam? Resistance is futile. You can see his shingles flapping away... just hanging in there (last I looked, anyway). We have the same thing happening on the north side of our roof. Changes coming this spring and some much needed exterior work will take place. I'm so done with stressing with each storm. Our poor east wall and attached garage will get a complete revamp. Also time for new windows and siding. It's just become so necessary and we'll have some great and much needed help.

This is not a major river. It's rather shallow and in summer, when the tide is out, we can walk across with the water only being about 4 feet or so deep. Today, it's flexing some muscle. I'd hate to be near the ocean right now. Storm surge, full moon, high tides... yuk. 


  1. I can't believe that white truck just barreled through! But he made it, lol. I guess you have get the momentum up, sheesh.
    As for your neighbor's shingles - eek!
    This wind is TOOOOO much! No flooding near us, thank goodness, but our ponds are overflowing.

  2. We had a few good laughs at the guts of some people. Actually, most of the trucks were really cautious and some of the young 'punks' that bomb around here at top speed took bigger risks. It was joy to see one 'punk' in particular stall but he managed to pull through.

  3. Wow that is a bit frightening. Did the guy across the street get flooded? It looked pretty close to his house.

  4. Actually, Johanna, it's not as close as it seems. But still!

    The road is no longer flooded but the winds... oh my gosh!

  5. You two take care in NB.... the winds here are not as bad as your winds. We are having very high tides right now. Take care and have a great Christmas!!!! xoxo