Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vintage Love!

I'm totally smitten with a recent find that I never thought I'd come across on one of my treasure hunting excursions... vintage embroidered pillow cases with the sweetest little bluebirds and a pretty floral design. There was only one, pressed and hanging neatly on a hanger. I almost passed on it since it wasn't a pair. But wait! Its mate was clipped together with some others and that just sealed the deal. Look! So sweet and in great condition. The fabric is a nice heavy cotton and the only downside is some yellowing in the centre due to age and, well... use. I'm pretty sure I can remedy that, though. I'm just noticing now that some of the green leaves are a teeny bit thread bare on this one but, really.... I don't think that takes away from how incredibly sweet they are. And a pair! 


  1. As crazy as it sounds sometimes you can boil the oils from the hair from the pillow cases. And some times I have used Murphy's Oil soap...I know for a fact that got motor oil out of my childs bedding once provided is had not been washes and in the dryer already...let me know if you can get it out any way..birdies are cute.

  2. I read about the boiling. Some say Oxyclean (spelling?) and some say bleach for the unbleachables. I thought I read about lemons and salt? (Martha Stewart) but definitely boiling was involved with most of these online suggestions.

    Thanks for your input. I will post on what works. (Did the bleach thing recently on some vintage tablecloths, fool that I am. Worked well, though.

  3. They are so beautiful Michelle. I always look through the sheets and pillow cases when we go to the value village in Ottawa. I have found some very nice things but never anything vintage.
    I'm interested to hear how the cleaning goes. I have no experience in that direction. Good luck.

  4. Thanks, Johanna. I will post about how the cleaning goes when I decide what product to use (but I am wary of the bleach).

    There are GREAT finds in my neck of the woods once you learn where to shop. If you come this summer, you must shop at Frenchy's in Bouctouche. Such deals!!