Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Talk about the weather...

What can one do when one experiences snow storm after snowstorm in the country? Well, talk about it, of course. And post pictures and express feelings of fed-up of puttin' up with so much stormy weather. I guess another whopper is on it's way. The Ground Hog Day storm, they're calling it. I can't wait! :-(

First, I want to tell about my poor unfortunate Hubs! (it was due to bad weather, after all) He had an wee mishap with the snowblower about two weeks ago. It wasn't due to carelessness, really. The snow was the wet, heavy kind and the auger kept clogging. A belt connecting to another moving part (not visible) had slipped off so those two parts didn't engage and stop that other part from turning. Something like that. He did wait after shutting off the machine for the auger to stop moving so it wasn't like he was being hasty. The belt must have slipped off between clearings.

So, he reached in to clear the snow and it grabbed his hand. He thought he safely pulled back in time then realized it did some serious damage to his fingers. Off to emergency on a storm day! Fortunately, the storm wasn't so bad in the northern direction we were traveling. It was more like there was no storm once we hit the freeway. It's weird like that here. 

His right forefinger was crushed but a clean break at the tip and four stitches along the first joint. He's been in such pain but still manages to get out and clear the driveway after each storm. I can't manage our snowblower. It's really heavy and he just won't allow it. I confess, I love to shovel snow but he says one gimp in the family is enough and worries I'll hurt my back or something. Maybe he thinks I'm too old and frail for shoveling snow? Nah! That ain't it. 

I decided to log all of the storms of this particular winter. I'll come back and add the upcoming storm(s) pictures because when someone says... "Oh, it wasn't that bad!", which I doubt anyone will, but if they do, I'll send them a link to this blog entry. So without further adieu, here are pics with dates from each storm... during or the day after. I know I've already posted some of these pictures but.... so it goes. I may have missed one storm.

The Jan. 28th storm was the worst one. We couldn't get out of the house, save for trudging through deep drifts and there were three steps off the porch. Poor Blind Guy when it was pee time, he just didn't know what was happening. Going through the garage was not an option. The drifts were taller than me! As well, all our south and west facing windows were completely covered with snow. I shudder to think that this coming Ground Hog Day storm is supposed to be worse. 

December 21, 2010

December 27, 2010

January 3, 2011

January 13, 2011

January 21, 2011

January 28, 2011


  1. That's dreadful about your husband, oh, the pain, I can't imagine! Hope the finger stops throbbing soon, lol. Poor guy.

    You get more of the nasty weather in NB, Michelle. We've had a few storms, for sure, but .... I'm not saying any more lest I jinx our weather-luck!

  2. Ouch yucky nasty weather. We haven't had much snow at all but freezing cold temps. This winter is sure a strange one. My sister and Jane in London have been hit with snow over and over and you guys have been hit with it too. Not fun at all. On the upside we are now into February :) I keep having the song "sunshine and lollipops" Running through my head this morning. Hang tight and I hope Hubs hand feels better soon.

  3. Kim, this is not a typical year. The winter of 2008 dealt us a couple of bad storms and we easily had as much snow. The difference with this year is that we've had storm after storm and that is just not normal. Nor is it right or fair. Waaaaaaaa!

    We get beautiful sunny days between storms, the days are getting longer and yes, Johanna.... I think we're past the halfway mark now. Thanks for the reminder.

    Hubs finger would heal faster if he didn't have to deal with all that snow removal. We could pay someone to clear it with their monster tractor snowblower but hubs is very independent. That said, it will be a long time healing.

  4. It sure is strange weather this year. We seem to be missing all the serious snow on the South Shore. We are getting some snow right now and we are gearing up for our first real storm. Spring is just around the corner, so that should cheer hubs up!! Take care you two! Susan :)