Saturday, February 5, 2011

More talk about the weather

I was going to add storm pictures to my previous entry, but decided to just do a new post instead. Being a bit of a weather junkie, I look at three different online weather forecasts to see if they're all in agreement and they usually are not. In fact, I can rely on the extended forecast to change several times. Hubs doesn't get why I'm so 'obsessed' with weather. I simply tell him, "I just like to know." Seems rather silly when I think on it. So I won't... I'll just keep reading about whether the Arctic oscillation is in a negative or positive phase, if El Nino or La Nina come calling and how will those things impact the overall upcoming season. And then there are those solar flares, with 2012 being the peak thus bringing with it the end of the world as some are fretting about (not me). Maybe I have too much time on my hands. 

Here are some images from our last 'storm' which wasn't really a storm at all. It was more like a snow event. Lots of softly falling snowflakes, so pretty, so much of it (gasp), all fluffy and powdery. But then, around midnight, the winds came. It really changed things as you can see. Our cars (not the van) were pretty much bare of snow in the morning. Hubs is out there with the snowblower; a full time job for him, it seems.

We're in for another storm tonight. One forecast says 8-15 cm of snow, another says 20-30 cm. I'm going with the 8-15 cm amounts. Supposedly, there are two more storms to follow over the next week. I have also viewed the long range forecast into mid-February and temps are showing up to 5ÂșC with sunshine. I somehow doubt that will happen but they've been spot on with every storm.

Feb. 02/11 before the winds

Feb. 03/11 Digging out

Feb.03/11 How deep can it go?

Feb.03/11 Catch my drift?


  1. It's snowing here now but when I checked the weather forecast it says less than 1 cm expected overnight. I wish I could take some of that snow from you. Hang on it's really only 6 to 8 weeks before we get warmer weather, not really all that long now.
    Big hugs

  2. It hasn't really hindered me all that much. It's my hubs that concerns me most. He's quite diligent about keeping the driveway cleared and a wide path to the small wooded area in the back. This is for the dogs. As I look west to the neighbour's house, I see they get massive drifts in the back of their house as opposed to us getting all at the end of our driveway.

    Yes... spring is just around the corner. Counting the days.

    Hugs back to you.

  3. I have no time to look right now but will be back. Thanks for leaving me a fun isn't it?

  4. oh my, I need to come back and read all your posts..... we wanted to head out east and were too chicken...