Monday, March 14, 2011

Has anyone seen my 'Get up & Go'?

So, I'm excited for spring. Who isn't? This past winter in most parts of the Maritimes was brutal. The only good thing I can say about it is that it's pretty much over and looking back on it, I'm thankful the bulk of our snowfall is over a two month period and not a four month period. Still... it sucked the enthusiasm right outta me. And I expect I'm not alone in feeling this way. So many harsh storms and I'm seeing snow falling outside my window as I write. Pooey! 

I can't get excited about anything. My motivation is dried up and I have plans on the back burner that keep getting cold. As soon as I get excited and geared up to start putting my plan in action, something puts a damper on it. Pooey!

But... better days do lie ahead and I'm not a quitter so I will focus on that. Spring tends to breathe new life into a weary soul so I rummaged around in my photo albums to remind me that there is a fresh new outlook to look forward to, to grasp hold of and motivate me to keep a positive outlook. Yahooey!


  1. Nice photos. Love the cat. Love the markings on your cat! I love cats.

    I have lost my get up and go also.

    But, my deterrent is not a yearning for spring...nope. It is called disaster!

    Every time I try to do something I cannot find the items I need to do it!

  2. Oh, you are too hard on yourself, me thinks! I have seen your work and you rock. We could compare notes and you just might come away with a different (better) outlook.

    We have an attached garage that was never done properly by the home owner & kin way back in the 70s. It is rotting on the north wall. There's more but I'll spare you the details. We have the help of my brother who's moved here from BC but he might pull outta here to go back to Alberta. Hoping my hopes aren't dashed on that front.

  3. Hello! This time of the year it's easy to lose the energy a bit isn't it? After all this snow and dreary weather it's pretty hard to get excited. I had a fit not too long ago as house renos had become stagnant around here. Decided that despite having no cash there was still plenty we could do that would mentally make us feel better. $20 spent on some wallpaper remover did the trick and although it's a small job I feel better already. I like your idea of digging out some summer photos. Nothing like the promise of summer to come to get you excited.

  4. One day at a time ...
    Pretty soon the brighter, happier days will outweigh the darker ones.

  5. I love your pictures. Lovely, especially the lupins, they are my 2nd favorite flower ever.

  6. Thanks, Johanna. Summer here is just wonderful... like being at the cottage!

    I guess what's hard here is knowing that hubs might try to endeavor renos himself and really damage what's already damaged. Our 'help' doesn't know from one day to the next where he's going to end up but he promises to make sure we get the help we need. It's got my poor hubs in a bit of a state.

  7. ha! omg you and I must be sista's from anotha motha!

    I did clean the basement yesterday which is such a huge relief! now all my junk is contained to one corner of the basement!

    yesterday all of my daughter's people( medical , OT's and all sorts of organizers to help her organize her life) came over and had to sit at my dining room. I had to transfer all that sewing mess to my husband walked in and was "just make room for me to sleep" I had to remind him that the reason the room was so messy was because I was cleaning the basement!

    anyhooo, I wish I had my daughters enterouge to help me organize my life!

    The postal thing I have not even thought of, and maybe that will deter me.

    I am also wondering about pricing, things go for more in Canada, and if I make stuff, I want my fair share because the cost is more in Canada than the USA.
    I just need an outlet for my creativity.

    Loved your comments!