Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's YOUR vintage flavour?

I'm understanding that 80's jewelry is making the rounds in the vintage arena. Really, now... the 80s were not THAT long ago. OK, not to me. Time flies so much faster after 30ish. Yeah, that must be it.

Late 80s earrings.
I think I'm upset that anything I bought new is
now considered to be a collectible item.

I must confess that even though I frequently wore costume jewelry, looking back makes me shudder at the tackiness of the 80s style. Most jewelry back in that era was oversized and chunky. Well, naturally, big hair and big shoulder pads need big jewelry!

Mid 80s necklace and earrings. Is this considered vintage?

Now, these earrings below are more along the lines that make me look twice. The thing for me is I have no occasion to wear them (they were whispering my name). I live in a tiny village and typical outings involve going to one of two very small towns to do my grocery shopping. My other activities involve treasure hunting at local thrift shops (all three of them) and yard sales or playing with the dogs in the yard. Glittery earrings don't quite work in these settings any more than dressy shoes with three inch heels. But still... they're pretty and nice to look at.

My kind of eye candy!


  1. I think we're on the same wavelength - the last pair of earrings are rad!! Or "bangin'"!! I would wear them to church if I were a church goer. Or to the symphony if I liked classical music!
    On another note - I have to say that at least when shoulder pads were IN, they balanced my narrow shoulders with my rather wider hips! The 80's weren't all bad...well, my permed hair was BAD!!

  2. Shoulder pads helped me look balanced, too. Not with my hips, though. More to do with my, ahem... girls. I have a pair, new, in a plastic cylinder and when I tried them I had to laugh as I looked like I was in a permanent shrug.

  3. those last pair of earrings remind me of a set my mom had when I was a kid. oh did I love those shiny earrings and necklace, I would beg to try them on in front of the mirror. good memories.