Thursday, October 20, 2011

Too much stuff...

I'm not a hoarder. I just have lots of stuff. I love stuff... mostly old stuff - vintage stuff. And I have lots of it. I can't stop my love of finding stuff and I can't keep all my stuff because I'm running out of places to put some of it and the little stuff just gets put into a jewelery box or something and forgotten.

I'm going to get rid of some of my stuff and have me a yard sale but not in my yard. Several items of what I'm showing here is stuff that was sold as junk jewellry. How delightful to learn I acquired silver and gold sold as costume jewelly. My kind of junk. 

When it comes to the vintage stuff, many here don't know or appreciate the value of old stuff. To them, it's just old stuff. To me, and perhaps you, it's a found treasure. It carries the feel of less complicated days... carefree and innocent. It has character, patina and was made with integrity. Does that sound odd? Made with integrity. Maybe I should say it was made to last, with quality in mind instead of mass produced and cheaply done.

Lots of my stuff is on my other blog... but there's so much more that I haven't taken photos of yet. Too much lovely stuff. 

Here's some lovely stuff but it's not necessarily old stuff. Just great stuff.

Snake chain and pendant, stamped .925 Italy

.925 silver ring with cubic zirconia
(not sure of the stone, actually)

Beautiful silverplated Monet choker.

Choker made of silver beads and
what I believe to be potato pearls

Ladies Zodiac Automatic 60's watch in 18kt gold

Pretty vintage clutch purse and earrings.
Wouldn't these be a lovely accessory with that little black dress?

Pretty little silver (.925) necklace, most likely for a child.
Silver (stamped .925) bracelet.
This is perfect for a small wrist. 
A whopping 120 grams of silver snake chain.
Stamped .925 Italy.
There are 21 stands of silver chain in this stunning necklace.

Blue turquoise and silver earrings.


  1. I'm not much of a jewelry person but you photos made me wish I was. Fantastic stuff

  2. Yes, please! Especially the earrings at the end!

  3. wow. love the jewellery and great photos. I'm such a sucker for pretty shiny things but rarely wear it, why is that? I really like the child's necklace and the choker. Although that watch is pretty awesome too. Is the 'store' almost ready?

  4. I really like that ring! where are you going to have your sale, then?

  5. I LOVE that multiple strand silver necklace...oh yeah...I know of an empty farmhouse on the island that you could store LOTS of STUFF in - I could mail you a key!!