Saturday, October 15, 2011

About that reno...

Hubs to me... Why did you show that photo of the siding to your brother?

Me.... Which one?

Hubs... The one where the siding doesn't quite line up. 

Me.... Oh, Sweetie. It's not out that much. You're too fussy. He won't even notice. (umm... actually, he did notice)

Hubs... It looks bad. It makes me look bad.

Me... No, it doesn't look bad at all. Hey, did you know if you tilt your head all the way towards your left shoulder it looks perfectly lined up. It does. Try it.


Me.... Hey! Where'd ya go? 

Seriously, though. A major undertaking, done solo by a perfectionist who is not a builder and who suffers immensely with 2 herniated discs, 2 compacted discs (and lots of spasms), a torn right rotator cuff that often causes a lack of feeling in his hand, a damaged sternum from a work injury, a damaged ankle from a break as well as severely torn ligaments (worse than the broken bone) that still causes him great pain after THREE years and there's even more that he suffers from but you get the picture, right? 

I don't ever look for perfection in the things done around our humble home. I love the little imperfections as they serve as reminders that we are just human, not perfect but doing our best. To me, those little things that aren't perfect are akin to the patina on a vintage treasure. They show character. Overall, the addition was well done; he does his homework and refuses to cut corners. It's a solid 2x6 construction with great attention paid to those things that will prevent issues down the road (like rodent prevention, for one)... ewww.

At present, (pics to come) the insulation and vapor barrier is completed inside. Hubs needs a break now and is chewing on how he's going to finish the interior. Wainscot on some walls, the style and size of closet, etc. The roof (to be re-shingled next year) and rafters are original and not to code. That is to say, not 16 on center and with materials being as 4 x 8, it's a lot of extra work with regards to drywall and such. It had been debated whether to completely replace the roof or keep it. We found the wood to be in excellent condition so he decided to keep it. 

I've probably caused Hubs much more 'labour' just by having him explain to me why this can't be done like 'such and such' because of the not-to-code rafters. I listen but I'm like a deer in headlights. I get it but I try to find ways to offer easy solutions for Hubs. I should just practice the fine art of shut-up instead. 

This is our inspiration pic for the east wall that faces the river. I can't wait. Just focus on the bench seating and vintage table. Our layout won't allow for all the other gorgeous elements in this gorgeous photo.

Inspiration pic for our nook.


  1. Gee, that's only a 2 x 6 addition? Somehow your amazing husband has made it look much bigger!! So he must be doing something right! Love the bench seating (and covet the table!) - I am planning bench seating in my NEW kitchen out east (not for 3 years or more though) that will look out onto our forest. I can't wait either but will have to, and no, Michael won't be doing any of the work, but he'll be great at keeping up morale!!

  2. LOL! Jane. I think I made a bit of a boo-boo. LMAO!!!!

    Thanks for pointing that out. I must go change that now to 2x6 CONSTRUCTION. Too funny!

  3. I think it looks great. That husband of yours is amazing. Talking from experience reno's are HARD work and he's doing it despite serious pain.
    Big hugs for him

  4. Thanks, Johanna. Renos are very hard and when you live in an old house it's all the harder!

  5. where did my comment go????anyhooooooooooo, I will try looks awesome!

  6. lol a perfectionist, is he? Well, tell him he's doing a fantastic job and that most women would kill to have a handy husband like him around!
    Martin, too, is a perfectionist. He was hanging two bike hooks the other day, and he asked me to hand him the level. The level!!!! To make sure they were PERFECTLY in line with each other. Me? I would have slapped them up, and if one was *gasp* 1/4" lower than the other, who cares?
    Boy, did I rag on him about that.
    The level ... I'm still laughing.

  7. It looks like your hubby has been doing a great job. Give him a pat on
    the back for all that hard work. Although I understand being a
    perfectionist. My habit is always to see the thing that isn't perfect first, rather than look at the accomplishment as a whole. Sometimes it's good to push yourself to do your best but it can be a negative problem as well.