Sunday, May 8, 2011

I have a photo booth!

Things are progressing along at a snails pace with my online vintage store. I'm hung up on a name but I have something I can see in my mind's eye so I'm not telling till I can show it. If I pull off what I have in mind, then the name will suit the graphics. The name by itself is not getting much in the way of "Oh... that's a nice name." It has to be seen and I might create the banner and go YUK!, thus starting all over again.

My photo shoots to date have not been satisfactory... well, some are OK. I tried to re-shoot some of my vintage wares using my kitchen table and white fabric and still not happy. I had issues with glare or shadows, wrinkles in my fabric (gasp!) and fuglies showing up in the background because my backdrop was not high enough. Hubs went googling on my behalf and told me he'd build me a photo booth. And he did! See?

I purchased the two black lamps for $12.99 each (had that yellow one for years), the card stock from the dollar store was only 25 cents per sheet so I have a couple in white and a blue one, the white fabric came from a sheet purchased at a thrift store and the wood was on hand. 

I'm planning on recycling my books at a thift store but glad they came in handy for adjusting the height of the lamps. My only issue is those fluorescent bulbs I put in are too warm (soft white) and I need higher wattage. They put a yellow cast on all my photos regardless of my settings (which I suck at in the technical sense). I'm in a learning curve here but learning is good exercise for the brain, right? These two examples are not tweaked... I will be using my photoshop skills to crop away empty space or even remove some cast or lighten some shadows; however, removing yellow cast from every photo is not going to happen.

Too yellow

This is better but was taken on my kitchen table.

I'm still going ahead with this venture but not rushing. My work schedule has picked up some and I'm so behind on spring cleaning and keeping it current, which would really make the work load lighter if spread out everyday. And I need to make time for exercise. It's becoming a real necessity because I'm feeling the effects of not being in shape. My knees... I strain them and don't even know how, then it's a slow healing process. Red flags waving!


  1. Fuglies! You can't have those!

    Love the shaker!

    Looking forward to your 'grand opening'!

  2. Hey I never knew about these photo booths! I think it is brilliant!

  3. Love the photo booth!! Very nice.
    So excited for you and I can't wait for your grand opening.

  4. The photo booth is fantastic. Thank goodness your objects are small - my husband photographs furniture and has taken over an entire room! Can't wait to see the name and banner but good for you taking your time to make sure you're happy with the work you're doing.

  5. I'm moving at a snail's pace, really. Today it horrible with regards to work. I can't do a simple coupon... the direction for the design hit a wall and my brain is stuck on freeze frame. LOL

    As for my photo booth... the lighting is all wrong but that's because I don't know what I'm doing. Learning curve and brain fog. Bad combo!