Monday, April 25, 2011

My vintage shop needs a name!

Assaisonné Trésors 
 or...              Classique Trésors

Arrgghhh!!! This has been hard. I see so many cute and original names and I haven't been able to come up with one that isn't already used. I'm thinking I might go with a French name seeing as I'm living in a French community and all. Besides, French is a beautiful language. And I'm French, but not in the cultural sense but so what? 

Using an online translator sure wasn't the way to go. French is a difficult language. I knew I wanted something like "Seasoned Treasures" but the generated translation didn't seem right. I was getting "Trésors Épicés" (spice) so I asked around and got some local help. One lady who learned the language but not versed, per se, came up with "Mûrir Trésors" but it means something like Ripe Treasures (rotten fruit?). Finally, I asked a facebook friend who said it reminded her of fruitcake and she suggested either Classique Trésors or Assaisonné Tresors. I think I like the latter one and when I asked her what it meant exactly, she said Seasoned Treasures. Ahahaha! Right back to where I started. On second thought, I kinda want the name to be basically understood for us English folk, which takes me to Classique Trésors. Or I might scrap the whole idea and start over. (pulls hair out)

So... honest opinions are most welcome. Done up nicely with some artwork and elegant font (not necessarily the one shown), how does it work for you?


  1. I like Classique Trésors very much myself.
    Hooray for you moving on your dream
    BIG Hugs

  2. Mmm, names are tough. I have a hard enough time naming sundry farm animals!
    The cats really took some thought, lol.
    Here's to your business - congrats for thinking outside the box and following your dream. And the best part is ... it's something that you love!

  3. Nice dodge, Kim. LOL! Your opinion is still welcome. :oD

  4. As far as being easy to understand Classique Tresors works best IMHO. You could also use your first name which is the same in both languages. When will you be opening for business?? And where? From home?

  5. Thanks, Johanna and Jane. I'm not sure I'm in LOVE with it but I can live with it and once I dress it up, then it will hopefully look good.

    As for when, that depends on how much ass-dragging I do. I have inventory (always looking for treasures), I'm taking pictures and will get serious with photo edits that deal with softening the background. Then I have to write descriptions for all of them, decide on pricing which might involve more research (but I love that part) so this will be a work in progress. Definitely will be from home as I'm already working from home for a print shop in PEI (toxic situation).

    Looking at it all, I can't help but wonder if I can pull this off - get traffic and interest to my site. I'll probably go with Etsy and a few things that are not vintage will be listed on eBay. Of course, I have to promote my shop so I either start a new blog or get busy on this one with networking. I think because it's all new to me and I'm doing this alone, I feel a bit overwhelmed but I have the time and I need to do this for many reasons. When hubs says I have to stop bringing stuff home, I think "ain't gonna happen".

  6. From a totally english standpoint (and if you're selling online I'm guessing a good portion of customers would be english) Assaisonné may be difficult to pronounce or read. I would go with Classique which is readable and most would understand what it meant. If you're not crazy about either name though perhaps you should wait and keep brainstorming. Other things to consider, does your name include a google search term? (have you tried the google keyword tool?) If people google tresor what do they come up with? You might want to create a new blog or site so the name is prominent and people can easily find you. Sorry, I'm rambling a bit. Have gone through many of these things with my blog and my husbands website so I have a sense how difficult this can be. Keep us posted on the process.

  7. Oh, I really appreciate your input. I'm a Google searcher but I have also found many great blogs just through the blogs that I visit. Many of those people will post items on their blogs that link them to their Etsy store (which is the direction I'm leaning for my selling venue).

    I have many concerns but I'm going to just have to start somewhere and progress as I go along. I don't have delusions of making a tidy fortune, although... LOL! It's baby steps and a learning curve. I'm in print so learning curves have been a part of my life for over 25 years. Nothing in print stays the same (expect when you're living in rural Maritimes working from home for a little Ma/Pa type of shop).

  8. Ok, so it's an online venture so you would be mailing out purchases, gotcha. Marguerite is right - you want a common word that a google search will bring you up close to the top of the search page so perhaps french isn't the way to go? Yet, a good catchy name that sticks in the memory would be helpful Michelle, ma Belle's Treasures...

  9. Oh yes.. I'm getting that, the French name may not be the way to go but I have the loveliest of artwork done for the French name. Oh well. Good practice.

    Marguerite... thanks for your input. You are correct and I'm back to brainstorming which is OK because I have photos to take and edit, plus descriptions to write. So I have time. It will come.

    I really appreciate the feedback... even if it means I have to scrap my ideas. I can do design for other people who tell me what they want but for me, I draw a huge blank. What is that? LOL

  10. Good morning Michelle! You often refer to your collection as "Vintage Lovelies or Lovely's". Its easy to remember and it has a nice ring to it. Don't be discouraged, all things worth doing take time. Have a great day! Susan :)

  11. I like that "Michelle's Vintage Lovelies" It has a lovely ring to it.