Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New-to-me 40's Mirror

Recently, I took a drive to the Bouctouche Dunes to see what level of damage was done to the dunes themselves. I knew the 2 km boardwalk was taken out in places but only heard the 10 km stretch of dunes were broken up into three parts. The day I went was sunny, but windy and cold. I didn't get much of a look but I tried. You can see some of the damage here....

I only wanted to know about the sand dunes themselves so I gave up on doing a beach walk and headed home. Better days ahead for that. My favorite little antique shop along the way (which I blogged about last year) was due for a visit so I dropped in and had a pleasant visit with my gal pal, Cheryl and her friend who was visiting that day. 

love vintage mirrors. I never find them within my price range and I'm all about finding the best deals. So, I wait till a great and affordable thing comes along. If I pay full pop it must be a "I can't live without it, it's too good to be true" sort of deal. yeah.. so, anyway...

Well... she had so many new things and, of course, I had to take it all in. And guess what she had there! A 2 ft x 2 ft 1948 mirror at a price I knew would be twice the city price. I had to have it. But... would it suit my retro red room and the vintage prints that reside on that wall... the ONLY wall where my new-to-me mirror and prints can go?  YOU be the judge. I think it's OK as such....


  1. Oh wow about the dune. We stop there every time we come out east. It's heart breaking to see it like that :(

    I love your mirror. It's really sweet :)

  2. Great find! Our favourite antique store here on island closed down last year and I'm still miserable over it. I could always count on them for a find.

  3. I paid under $50 for this. It's dated 1948 on the back and it's quite heavy.