Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So, it's kinda like this....

All my attempts at pretty much everything have been faced with a let-down lately. Nothing too major. Just enough to suck the life blood out of me and leave me feeling like I'm stuck in the muck. 

We're having a major snow melt right now so that might be a contributing factor. It's a mess out there in our back yard. Not a great time for the dogs or me, the master cleaner of dirty dog paws. Some hopes dashed recently aren't helping, either. (big sigh)

I really, really want to gather all my vintage lovelies to sell online and actually get them posted. I did get photos done of several items and I have much more to gather and photograph. And then... what venue to use for dumping selling my vintage lovelies. In all seriousness, I don't wish to sell junk. I love to collect so I figure I can collect for others who might have like interests and for reasonable prices. I can do this! I can. I know I can. I will. I want to... just as soon as I get my feet out of the muck.

Soon. There IS an end to this long, messy, chilly, damp, oh-so-blah winter. And my spirits will soar. And I'll have more energy. 


  1. ahhhhhhh, I know how you feel! I have so much to do just to get ready to sell.

    I am feeling like a slug, and need to lose weight because, for the first time in my life I think that is slowing me down!

    So much to do and so little motivation...gee what's on TV tonight?

  2. Hear ya girl I'm feeling the slug bug too. You would think that being the last day at that sucky job I'd be bouncing off the walls in jubilation but I'm not. I'm ready to curl up and sleep. I have the house all to myself tomorrow and I don't know yet what I'll be doing.
    I do hope that something will go right for you as it's sounding like nothin much is by the tone of you post.
    Do I tell you it's snowing here right now? :) I'll try to keep it here and not let any more snow go your way.
    I know this comment is rather random but that is where I'm at right now.
    Hugs Michelle
    Soon the grass will be green
    and the daffodils will sing

  3. It's raining as I write at 10:30 pm. I'll take that over snow. Things will work out, however slowly. We're realizing more and more just how much we're on our own here. Not that it's news to us. We have both lived most of our lives pretty independent of others.

    But we're seasoned and I always land on my feet. *meow*

  4. Hubby sells on ebay every once in awhile and it's shocking how much work it is just to post an item - the description, the photos, knowing when to put up an item to gain interest. I can understand how it would be difficult to get started. I think though, once you get the hang of it, get a sale, maybe it will help get the juices flowing. We have noticed there's many items here that people pass over and yet would fetch a high price elsewhere. So hang in there, I'm sure once you get going you'll do very well.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, Marguerite! I'm not sure I want to do eBay, though except for some silver jewellery. I'm thinking Etsy might be a better option. There are so many now and I understand eBay is rather pricey for sellers.

  6. Ummmmm, I like vintage lovelies :) I've seen some of your purchases and you have great taste - I didn't realize you weren't buying them to keep them. Just the thought of the work it would take to set that all up...well, I can understand your sluggishness. What you need is some major sunshine and warm temperatures so you can throw up your windows, let the warm breezes flow through and wash all the depressing stale sluggifying air out so you can get some energy. That's what works for me anyways...

  7. Thank you, Jane. Some of my vintage treasures I will not part with. I have gone a bit crazy with my 'finds' and cannot pass a good deal. I went to a yard sale down the road a few summers back and got some great things for next to nothing. I was over the moon. I just can't keep it all but I can't pass a great vintage item for the prices I'm finding them at. It's like being a kid again in a candy store with no adults around. So... by selling some, I get to keep finding and buying some. So far, I just keep buying.

  8. You'll will feel your energy back soon. The sun does wonders and NB has been lacking lately. Just take your time sorting what you want to sell, it will all come together. Sometimes the great things in life just take time. xoxo