Thursday, June 17, 2010

Doggy Cat

Will you play with me please? If you don't, I will bug you until you do!

Yeah... this cat, CeCe, came to us as a wee thing. I worried about Blind Guy hurting her or him getting his eyes scratched. Imagine my horror at watching him put her entire little head into his mouth one day but he never hurt her. He often nibbles her back with his front teeth and she seems to enjoy getting the 'massage'.

I sometimes wonder if she thinks she's a dog. She tends to copy things the dogs do... begging at the table, fetching her favorite toy and retrieving it so I can throw it again. This fetch thing is now demanded by her and my refusal is met by a constant meowing which annoys the daylights out of both me and hubs.

This seems to have become her necessary playtime with me so I spend fifteen minutes or so throwing a tin foil ball for her to chase, many of which end up under the fridge, or stove, or furniture. It's easier for me to just make a new ball than crawl around on hands and knees fishing them out of there resting places.

Then, cleaning day and some results.... (this was under just the fridge)


  1. So cute!~I asked Grover if we could get a cat. He said, "Not only no, but hell no."
    He had a bad cat experience. I've only had GOOD cat experiences. Mostly old farm cats that lived in our barns and outside, except for the occassional wanting to come in when it was O sooooooo COLD! and sleep by the woodstove.
    Sounds like you have a very special cat there... She's a beauty! Her eyes are SO blue!
    Thought you were gonna show us a baked potato something or other recipe when I first scrolled down...

  2. I bet Colby and CECE keep things humming around the house. I grew up with Siamese cats and there is nothing smarter. They are set in their ways, but the nicest companions. A little bluepoint was Neil's first gift from me. Not too smart though, as I found out he was allergic to cat hair. Loved your stories Michelle. Have a great Sunday!!!

  3. Toooooooo funny!!! I have to spend half an hour picking up "things" before I can vacuum!!! My last kitty would actually being the foil balls back to me! ;}

    m ^..^