Monday, June 7, 2010

After the Rain Comes the Mosquito

Kim, you made me do this and it's making me itchy.


  1. I'm sending my apologies in advance, Susan (or anyone else that may be affected), if this song gets stuck in your head anytime you hear that annoying sound of a mosquito. You can say, "I keel you!" and then break into a lil' salsa dance.

  2. Apologies accepted. Today I was talking to Chef Jerry in his garden. A mosquito bit him and he said gotcha!! I started laughing.... I don't think he quite understood what was so funny. You have ruined me with that video... LOL

  3. So did you explain? Did you say "I keel you!" ?

    Ahahaha! It is one of those annoyingly funny things.

  4. Love this! You always have the cutest things! This is a good song to clean your house to! :)
    The MOQUITOs are really bad here. I liked the Mojito part! XO