Monday, June 7, 2010

Ain't Gonna Rain No More

Well, here's hoping. Sick of the rain... sick, sick, sick. So, sign along with the bouncing ball and maybe we can just chase away those heavy dark clouds!


  1. I agree - it has gotten beyond ridiculous, lol. I'm just annoyed that all this rain will make for fantastic mosquito breeding conditions.

  2. No kidding, eh? When I took the blind guy out for his pee last night, the flat treeless area of our property was covered in water. I was wearing gum boots and a good thing, too. Lots of water with no place to go.

    Can you believe that one of my West Coast friends was gloating at the sunny weather they were having.... yah! after 2 weeks of rain they just had. LOL

  3. Good thing you reminded me of the video, lol. Those lyrics really don't make sense, do they? I only wish it were true - it ain't gonna rain no more!