Friday, April 30, 2010

Crafty Girl.... or Looking for my Niche

You do realize that you'll probably have to click on the image in order to read the text, right?

I was updating my digital photo album that I make PDFs from so I can share with my 'away' friends. I type little blurbs beside each image and this saves me from having to type it up in an email each time. The person I was mostly doing this for is moving here but I'm going to keep adding to my album anyway. I like that I have all the tools (which are the tools of my trade, actually) for building and creating digital albums that will keep for ever (or as long as I have a device for loading and previewing them). It's all good.

So, I'll leave you with some of my crafting attempts. I really do want to get into painting of some sort.... water colours would be nice but I'll have to explore and see how well I do. If I can't do something right, I won't do it at all. Bit of a perfectionist, I'd say.


  1. I'm impressed! And don't be a perfectionist, girl, or as you said, you'll never start! And how sad would that be.
    Don't forget that whatever you do, it's likely a thousand times better than what I could ever do, and better than a lot of people, and what am I saying, it doesn't matter if you're better or not.
    What matters is that you enjoy it!

  2. Thanks, Kim! Part of the enjoyment I get, though, is a job well done. It doesn't have to be perfect by all means but the end result has to be pleasing to the eye at some level, especially if I'm giving it away.

  3. What a great idea!!! I think you have found your niche for sure.... Your friends out west sound like ours. They like to know everything we are doing here! It's nice to have the record for yourself as well. :)

  4. You need to paint again! WOW! Great job! and I love the stained glass... You've got talent! I find that I can't look at the big picture. Just do SOMETHING, one little bit at a time and it all adds up. :)