Monday, April 19, 2010

Blogging Blahs and Little Green Worms

The weather sucks - it's cold, windy and rainy. I'm house bound, our dogs are restless and I have nothing of much interest to blog about. Soon, my only brother and his wife will move here to the East Coast, trekking clear across the country with all their belongings in tow. It's a huge ordeal for them but they've accomplished so much already. He has work lined up, a three ton truck for transporting their furniture and a little house to move into.. a rental for now but eventually they will buy some property and build a new home.

I'm looking forward to having family here. While they looking for a house to rent, it was found that more people are looking to rent than there are places to rent. I was able to check out the place they're going to live in as it's not that far from me and the gentleman who's renting the house was very kind to hold the place for my brother even before he put any money towards it... how cool is that?

Now, about those little green worms. We planted a gooseberry bush (it IS a bush, isn't it?) a couple of summers ago. Last summer, it was growing like a weed and I could see that we were going to have a nice little bounty. Then, I look at the plant and the leaves were near gone... it looked sick. How could that happen so fast? Little green worms, that's how. Hubs had to go and pick them all off (shudder). Not a job for a wimp like me. The plant survived, as did the berries and this year, I'm going to be keeping my eye out and some pepper spray on hand - or something. Our garden is strictly organic so whatever we use must be safe for us and our pets.


  1. That's great that you will have family near you soon! If your worms appear this year, try a little organic detergent mixed with water. Mix it in a spray bottle, that should deter them. Hope your weather changes soon. The Island is the same right now. We need the sun!!!!

  2. So happy you will have family near soon! I would suggest quilting as a way to fill your blog.... Just a thought. or any sewing. Your chair turned out GREAT that you upholstered! :)
    I make my own laundry detergent, which I need to post soon, but also do use it on plants... Its' just borax, arm & hammer washing soda and Fels Naptha.