Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dinner Conversation... "I wonder what the Locals are eating tonight?"

No offense to the Locals but we don't eat like them. By "Locals" I mean the Acadian people for the most part, who were born and raised here and whose lives are steeped in the Acadian culture.

Traditional meals eaten here are not foreign to my hubs nor me. My Grandmother (on my Mom's side) was an Acadian, as was my hub's dad. We are familiar with Acadian culture - the diet - in the traditional sense, but we are not raised here. And so it goes.... the conversation, that is.

"hmmm... wonder what the locals are eating tonight?" I ask, as we dine on any number of gourmet delights. Pictured here are spring rolls of julienne carrot and cucumber, bean sprouts, shrimp, green onion, cilantro and rice noodles served with a delicious sauce of lime, fish sauce, pepper flakes and a host of other goodies I can't name because I didn't make it. My job is to enjoy. Nuff said.

And I answer the question, too. "Oh, chicken frico, poutine rapé, rappie pie, fish cakes, boiled dinner, pork & beans...." OK. To be fair, I'll include in the Acadian diet some lobster, clams, mussels... those incredible seafoods that are deliciously popular (and much more expensive) in the 'big' cities yet comfortably affordable here.

And so we laugh, eat, enjoy and give thanks.

On those occasional foul weather days, though, there is nothing quite like a big heaping plate of comfort food... the kind Mom or Grandma would dish up back in the day. The kind that reminds of us of our reason for coming here... simple but rich in flavour and satisfying to the soul. We are enjoying the best of both worlds when it comes to our culinary tastes. And I don't even have to cook. How sweet is that?


  1. Spring rolls, mmmmm.
    ALL food is good!

  2. Aside from being a bit of prep work, they are quite simple to make! We usually use mint instead of cilantro but the nearest grocery store rarely carries mint. And a spruced up hoisin sauce is the type of dip we had when ordered off a menu.

  3. The spring rolls look wonderful!We eat quite a bit differently than the Islanders here. Funny though, they are now asking for some of our pacific coast recipes. There is a little bit of open mindedness on both sides. It makes life interesting.

  4. Okay, (GOD FORGIVE ME)as we sit down to dinner, my husband looks at me and says, "what are the POH FOKS EATIN!?!?!"
    Well, he does.
    I'm just keepin it real here folks.
    Tonite's menu was BBQ Ribs, Fresh green beans w/new potatoes and corn on the cob. Banana pudding for dessert.
    Now, before you go, "well, veggies are good for you.."
    you have to understand that in the south you put a good dose of bacon grease in your green beans & new potatoes to "flavuh" them... then you smother your corn in butter and salt.

  5. P.S.
    Can somebody way up yonder please pass the spring rolls!??!?!!!!!

  6. Ahahaha! Sandra, that's too funny. I am learning that you folks in the south DO like your ... ummm... fat. We're trying to keep our fat content down for two main reasons, 1.) Hubs has high cholesterol and chooses not to taken statins and 2.) I'm sportin' a few extra pounds that I don't care to add to, thank you very much.

    I think you'd enjoy the spring rolls, a bit of work but well worth it and an awesome summertime dish.