Thursday, January 28, 2010

Our Bathroom Reno

This was a project that I made sure to have before and after pictures to show just how horribly disgusting the upstairs of our fixer-upper really was at the time of purchase. Our dream bathroom is much bigger and more rustic but our reality is working with what we have and on a limited budget.

A while back, I created an 11 page PDF that I can now share here thanks to the conversion of PDF to jpg files so be sure to click on each one if you care to read my blurbs about the progress and such. I'm including a newer image of the curtains I found at my favorite thrift place at the end of the make-over pages. The curtains were an issue for me.

Finding suitable curtains turned out to be somewhat of a challenge. At one point, I glued shells, ribbon and beach glass that matched the wall colour to the bottom hem on a pair of sheers. I hated them and on a warm, breezy day with the window open, the racket of shell and glass hitting the sill was extremely annoying. They just HAD to go! My current window covering is my third one and I'm quite happy with it even though it's only one panel. And the price of about $3 is something that pleases me more.

I love being thrifty. I don't love so much that I have to be but since I've always been thrifty even when I didn't have to be, it's not like I've had to adjust to anything. That last statement does make sense, doesn't it?


  1. Wonderful job. Got to have a NICE bathroom!

  2. do you see elements out of context and just know they belong in a finished project?
    I really admire that kind of talent.

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  4. John, it's called "flying by the seat of your pants"!!

    Seriously though, it was just a matter of vision and planning. We didn't have much to work with, really. We extended the bathroom to where the railing at the top of the stairs had been, closed off the doorway to the bedroom (when renovating the master bedroom from 2 ugly little rooms) and planned a linen closet and vanity to fit that added space.

    Hubs is a careful planner and perfectionist to boot.