Friday, January 15, 2010

The $230 Quill

Hubs came home with this half inch quill in a container. Since it cost so much, we're having a hard time to toss it out, but the price of $230 is small compared to what it could have been and our boy is SO worth it.

We're one week past Colby Blind Guy's ordeal and I'm happy to report that all is well. One fortunate thing for him is the carcass he dug up was that of a baby porcupine so the quills were not too long (or thick). If he swallowed any of that thing I'm thinking we would know by now. The vet called to ask if we've checked his stools for blood, if he's lethargic or acting odd as if in pain. No, no and no! So far, so good.

One tidbit from the vet for any of you dog owners should you find yourself in a similar situation.... roll a piece of bread in a ball about the size of a twoonie (one inch or so) and feed to the dog. The vet explained that this could 'catch' any quills that have not lodged themselves into the dogs stomach. Perish the thought.

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