Friday, January 22, 2010

A collection of sorts

My brother and his wife are living some 3000 miles away from us and I decided to create a PDF photo album that I can share with my sister-in-law. She looks forward to receiving them and recent news of them moving this way has prompted me to try and piece together some photos that capture some of the surrounding beauty I am privy to call home. Hopefully this will give her some inspiration as she looks forward to this change in living environments. They are country people but events have led them to living on the fringe of city life after selling their home. Housing costs in British Columbia have gone through the roof and they desire a slower paced life where the housing market is attainable.

My digital photo album in PDF format also comes in handy if others ask me to send some photos of where we've landed and all I have to do is select a page that is complete with captions and an assortment of photos, either multi-page files or an individual page. It's very convenient.

I can also convert those PDF pages to jpg files that can be uploaded to say, ummm... here. What a grand idea! But the pages are built in a larger format, something like 12 x 9 inches so I'm thinking the only way they can be properly viewed is my clicking on them so the text can be read and those tiny dots in an image become something more tangible. So then, here are a few of pages from my digital photo album. I'm really just testing to see if this will even work.

1 comment:

  1. What a fantastic idea! The pics look great, and the narration totally adds to the appeal.
    Beautiful area you live in. We only saw the forest part of NB, and that mostly in the dark. Must make trip next summer!