Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Home Reno Updates & Touches of Fall

Hubs built a shed. And it's a fine shed. Our old shed, well, it's just falling apart, it's half torn down and we fear it won't make it through another winter. So despite mind-numbing pain that never goes away, hubs got busy and did what he had to do. Our budget doesn't allow us the luxury of paying others what we can do ourselves (I personally feel hubs does a better job anyway). As hubs puts it, he's in pain whether sitting still or moving around and it's got to be done. So it was and even though it's intended for practical use, it really has some cute country curb appeal. There are still some finishing touches to be added and I hope they actually get done in... oh, let's say the next year. In fairness, pressure treated lumber should be out in the elements for a year before being painted. We want to put a loft in and maybe insulate but that's not important for this year.

Our screened 'house' is still waiting for paint on the 'window' frames even though they've been a good year in the elements. OK... not really windows but heavy vinyl coverings so that we can still enjoy our lovely space and view in most any season. On cool sunny days it can be a comfy 20ยบ C in there so it's very pleasant inside. Even though there's still some painting left to do (the shed took priority) and we're still not sure what to do about the floor, I love that little getaway space. I'm fine with the unfinished floor since it's prone to all sorts of abuse with muddy boots and doggie paws/claws. Overall, the most important thing is that our outdoor structures are built solid and made to last. With a perfectionist hubs, I tend to feel those structures are built like Fort Knox so little unfinished detail work is no biggie. Those chairs are on their way out. Some cedar adirondack chairs are on my wish list. Hubs can build them. (note to self: add chairs to hub's honeydo list)

The swing behind the screened room (house) overlooks the river. Fall is the best time to sit and enjoy the going-ons with the return of Canada geese, osprey, bald eagles and other birds, but I keep the cushioned seats stored away from elements and don't always feel like dragging them out to sit for a spell. Then, I kick my self for not taking more time to enjoy the view before winter comes. Pooey on me.

This is Mikey waiting for his 'papa' to come home.

Sweetest Boy! Such a gentle lovable dog, our little guy.

My sad attempt at a fall wreath. I ran out of patience.

I never thought I'd like potted Moms but the right colour and a healthy plant is alright with me. This one bloomed late so the flowers never got as full as the other one on the porch. It's still very pretty.

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  1. Love your outbuildings! My hubby just built a storage shed as well, and it's definitely got an 'added' touch of creativity - haven't painted it yet - I don't know if I will get around to it before the snow flies.
    Our two men sound much the same when it comes to building!
    Re: your previous post - good for you guys for being debt-free - in this day and age, that is nothing short of a miracle. I hope both of you find your niche in the working world.