Thursday, October 8, 2009

Collector or Hoarder?

I've become an eclectic collector. I tend to be attracted to things that remind me of a gentler time, a time of wonder and innocence. My first antique pieces were a turn of the century love seat and chair, a mirror, a small table that I use as my TV stand and a vanity that I can't quite bring myself to refinish. I've had those pieces for over 30 years now which shocks me because I was quite the transient for several of those years but I somehow managed to drag them all over the country (and Canada is a big country!) I really started collecting vintage things about 15 or so years ago. It started with salt and pepper shakers, then it was lighting, then tablecloths and jewellery and lots of other odds and ends. I never buy pieces for their worth, I'm thrifty and LOVE a bargain. Recently hubs told me I was like one of those hoarders (you know, the kind who need professional help) and suggested that I don't clutter up the place too much. He's right and I must curb my urge to keep adding to my collections of things. Of course that doesn't mean I'll ever pass up something that is just too good to pass up. What is does mean is that I'll just not go in search of that special something as much as I'd like to. Fair enough, me thinks.

A few of my shaker collection. The single duck was a gift... he's quite old. So were the Indian shakers with wooden bodies a gift to me. They look to be quite old as well but there are no marks to indicate the maker. The headdress of the 'man' says 'Winnipeg, Manitoba' and he's marked at the top of the wooden part "S". Funny, I thought he'd be pepper and she'd be salt.

That milk glass jug in the back was only 50 cents! Now if only I could find the lid for it. One with a handle and pour spout would make for a great juice or milk jug.

I purchased this set of four cannisters in Vancouver. The fifth cannister was given to me by my sister-in-law. I'm not sure if she ever took note of them in detail. She just knew I would like it.

I love this old bakelite radio. It's a portable but the batteries for it are next to impossible to find. I had thoughts of getting hubs to make it electric but not sure if that's even do-able. It was a steal. A trendy jeans store was selling off several of their props and I was in the right place at the right time.

Little LuLu Belle butterdish back there was diligently hunted down and when I saw her, I had to have her. The price tag didn't impress me much but I was determined to take her home with me. I think she cost $35 or thereabouts but she was a rare find and purchased in a very popular antique mall in Vancouver. So it goes...

I'm in LOVE with my salt & pepper bird shakers. The ones in front aren't Lefton but still very adorable. After looking online for Lefton bluebird shakers, I think my $3 flea market purchase was a good one indeed.


  1. Oooh Tchotchkes!

    I LOVE thrifting, but I don't collect. You have some beautiful stuff here.

    Thanks for stopping by my blogiversary!

  2. That is a beautiful decanter set! I love to find others that are just as obsessed with collecting as I am. I feel like I'm running out of space for new things, but I just cant help myself. I have some pictures of my collections on my blog if anybody wants to look,

  3. You have some lovely old things pictured above! The tin canisters are fabulous, I have a number of them and find them to be SO handy for storage! Plus they look so pretty. And the Lefton bluebirds, LUCKY you! I too have checked into them on Ebay and have come to the realization that the only way any of them are coming to live with me is if the person I get them from doesn't know what they're worth. I've recently become obsessed with all things old to the point that when I'm in need of something in particular I first look around to see if I can find an antique or vintage version before considering something brand new.

    Thanks bunches for visiting my blog and leaving your wonderfully long comment. I enjoyed the read :) I too don't miss Vancouver's horribly long rainy season (which often seemed like it lasted all year!). And the squirrel is STILL here! He followed me around the yard today when I went to take out the compost and garbage cursing at me the entire time and later I could hear him skittering around in the attic :)