Friday, June 22, 2012

Walking with a View

I've been walking quite regularly now since early April, something I've wanted to do for such a long time but didn't want to do alone. Now, I have a walking partner, a lady who lives not far from me and is committed to doing her body good, like I am. We do a 7 km walk along the river and these are some of the views we enjoy. It's never boring, never taken for granted that I live in such a pretty part of the Maritimes.

I should explain... this heritage house was built in 1863 and
used to be the post office. Their back yard is a paradise.
At Christmas time, the porch is beautifully decorated. 
I don't think the photo does it justice at all.


  1. Shore is pretty around there (haha get it?)...sigh. I clicked on the first photo so I could see them larger - beautiful! We walk almost every day around here but just see ugly buildings and lots and lots of cars - blechh! But not for much longer!

  2. What a gorgeous walk. What a beautiful area you live in. I can see why you would want to get out there every day.