Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ahhhh... Spring

We've had an early spring with a proper mix of rain, sunshine and warm temps. Normally, we're seeing the first buds of May a bit closer to June but this year we've been blessed with a good three weeks more of the gorgeous beauty we are privy to in the province many just pass through. Fools!

Herons all lined up in a neat little row

The river's bounty has blessed the locals with some nice sized trout. In past years, I have watched from my window many a fisherman, battling the black flies and mosquitos and wondered how they had the patience to sit with rod in hand, hour after boring hour. I never actually saw anyone catch a fish but I never sat watching for too long. It was... well, boring.

Osprey over the river looking for a meal 

However, this year seems to have brought an abundance of life in and to the river. There's so much going on which makes for great entertainment! Today I tried to capture an osprey hovering over the water before dive bombing for a fish. Too bad a tree at the edge of our property got in the way. I did get a shot but not so impressive. He's about 100 feet away and my camera ain't all that for these kinds of close-ups. 

My next attempt was to get a shot of all the herons lining up on a tiny sandy bar; this being about 200 feet away. A bit of a stretch but I'm sharing it with you anyway. I would like to go and sit at the river's edge and try for some action shots or video that are a daily occurrence right now. How I'd love to video an osprey splashing down and flying off with a big fish! 

Eagles, common mergansers, Canada geese (the babies are the cutest) and mallard ducks, to name a few, are frequent visitors. I spotted a kingfisher yesterday, perched along the power lines and was recently thrilled to watch a peregrine falcon swoop by so low I'm sure it would have clipped me in the head had I been in its path. And I caught a glimpse of a turkey vulture flying low along the river's path before disappearing behind the neighbour's house. Normally, they're quite high up and I don't get to see the details of their heads. It was rather ugly. 

Yes, it's a very busy time at the river and the reality that comes with it is there's good eatin' for birds of prey. But I try not to think about that part.


  1. Mallards are my favorite.....whaa wha wha wha...that is duck for quacking. Just so you know.

  2. So you don't go fishing Michelle? No vintage fishing rod or tackle?? Me NEITHER!!! Loved it back when I was a tomboy - I looked like Huck Finn with my long bamboo fishing pole over my shoulder and I was pretty good at putting on the wiggly worms but doesn't interest me in the least anymore. Are the black flies and mosquitoes worse this year with the early spring? Just wondering how many bottles of OFF to bring with me!