Saturday, April 21, 2012

Living Lean Part Two...

When we arrived here in rural New Brunswick, settling into our 'forever' home, my feet didn't touch the ground for a year. The beauty outside my window that greets me each morning is never taken for granted. The cultural changes, however, took time to adjust to and I had concerns about small town living. I carry a horrendous experience from my teen years, when my Mom moved me and my two younger sisters to small town PEI. I would leave home at the tender age of 17 and vowed to never live on the East Coast again. Famous last words.

Now, as a (ahem) mature adult, I'm here on the East Coast and it's been OK. One of the hurdles has been finding work but naive me thought "No problem! I have a skilled trade with 20 years experience!" I said I was naive, right? 

I was told one had to have a diploma in order to get a job.... any job. Nonsense! I have a trade. But wait! There are not many printers in the area and the demand for prepress technicians is almost non-existent. Uh oh. Red flag waving. And wait! This is a bilingual province. I'm not bilingual.

I found out I could attend full time school for a year and a half, receiving benefits for the duration. And by gosh, by golly, I got that coveted diploma. With honors, I might add. I had to work during the summer in order to continue with my schooling and was fortunate to work from home for a small print shop in a neighbouring Maritime province. Things were working out for me.

After finishing school I continued working for this sad little company. Trust me on the sad part. Unfortunately, the boss was a head case, highly abusive... name calling, swearing, yelling at me; a head gamer who toyed with my wages and emotions, accusing me of all manner of things that are totally not my character. I would tolerate this nonsense for five years. FIVE. LONG. YEARS! 

Last August, I couldn't do it anymore. I was either going to have a nervous breakdown, a stroke, an aneurysm, a heart attack or a combo of any two or three. I quit. Just like that. It was a desparate decision. I was miserable.

I'm standing at the crossroads and the winds of change are blowing. More like howling. What's not to love about it? Well.....  to be continued


  1. A cliff hanger! And now the wind is really howling at you cuz you have no more trees......poor you.

  2. Hey that was not sarcastic....that is not my nature. I could have said it sucks.

    Cliff hanger. Are you really going to make me wait?

  3. Oh now... you already have the inside scoop. I'm just needing to tell so I can possibly gain some insight or perspective. Good therapy!

  4. Can't wait for the rest of it though with the above comments I can guess at some of it. Writing things out does help.

  5. Methinks the words "living lean" has more than one meaning! Unlike the others I can wait patiently for the next installment of your unfolding life story...NOT!! I always knew you were a big tease!!
    I found myself very attracted to your front porch...then I realized that's because my PEI front porch is almost identical! You have good taste lol!

  6. The lean part has nothing to do with my weight. Well, OK.. it does but I'm not lean in that department. LOL!

    I have good taste? No.. YOU have good taste. :oD

  7. Wondering where all this is leading. Had no idea you went back to school and got a diploma, good for you, that must have been tough to do.