Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hearty Soup for the Soul

This past year has been challenging, to say the least. In an economy and demographic where work is hard to find (and I'm not bilingual which is a BIG issue here), I felt that I had to terminate my job working offsite for a small printer in PEI. It was more than I could endure on a personal level and it was starting to affect my stress levels. The other party refused to acknowledge their treatment of others. And then we had to say goodbye to our sweetest dog, Mikey who we tried to save but could not. A tough decision, indeed.

I've been cleaning up my computer and came across a graphic file I put together from a 'story' I found online. It's beautiful and touches my heart. I hope it touches yours. You will have to click on it to be able to read it unless you have special super powers.


  1. Where did you find that? Mmmmmm, that is a thought provoking post.

  2. I can see why that story would resonate so deeply with you. It has made me very reflective about my own circumstances and the people I work with who are so judgmental towards me. Sometimes I get depressed because after awhile I start to wonder if they're right, but deep down I know I'm doing a great job (at least that's what my employers tell me and that's what's important!) Here's hoping for some really positive experiences in 2012 - I think we both have enough holes!

  3. Does having many holes make us holy? LOL! I feel this life on earth is like boot camp. Do we harden our hearts and shut all others out or do we open our hearts and help those sent our way?

  4. Having been through a work roller coaster myself this year I can understand that one.
    I love the story, brought tears to my eyes.
    Hugs girl 2012 is going to be super spectacular