Sunday, December 11, 2011

Excitement at the river's edge

It's a bit of a distance for my camera to capture good quality video but this was too exciting not to capture. There were several (at least five) juvenile eagles and three or more adults. I couldn't see past my neighbour's and since I was in my PJs, standing on the porch, I was a bit limited but I know there were more. Suddenly, something caused them to scatter... I'm not sure what. And then it was over. If you have your sound up, you can hear them (and then you can hear Colby who didn't like that I was on the porch while he was stuck inside). 

I was glad to be privy to this magnificent event, let alone getting it on video. What a treat! Today, I watched two of the juvenile eagles jostling with each other in flight. No time to get my camera, though. Burn!


  1. Very cool Michelle - not something one sees off their front porch everyday!

  2. Hey , you live that close to the river? Are you worried it will flood? I stayed in a cottage once that was cresting it's banks. It forever freaked me out.......

    Nice eagles.

  3. Wow, can't believe how many there are. What a great view you have from your porch.

  4. Yes, the view never gets old. I get to enjoy the same view from the back where Gary built me a 12 x 12 screened in room. It's wonderful.