Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh, deer!

It's not often I get to see a couple of young deer come down to the river's edge and swim across. That's not to say wildlife here is in short supply. It certainly is not!

A couple of years back, hubs was in back of the shed, doing finishing touches and standing on a ladder. There is an approximate 12 foot space to the neighbour's gazebo and a deer came bounding through, brushing against the ladder and hub's legs and startling both of them. I mean, we're in the country with a smattering of homes in a tiny village.

Deer sightings are common. Just not by me so much. And didn't they bound across the road in front of pick up? Fortunately, the driver saw them before they scooted out in front of him.

Sorry for the blurry in the first two shots.... it was a stretch for my camera to zoom that far and through the branches at the road's edge. In the last photo, one deer is looking over this way because we had barking Blind Guy safely behind our locked screened door who knew something was going on. Letting him loose would be a disaster as he just goes after something like a mad dog. Gentle Mike started to give chase but he could see they were much bigger than him.


  1. I've seen a lot of deer in my life but have never seen them swim until today! What a neat sight to see.

  2. I miss seeing deer, but I'd rather not see them in my garden, thank you very much!
    Pretty cool seeing them swim like that!

  3. swimming deer? cool. we have tons of deer. your place..(besides your neighbor) seems very peaceful.