Monday, June 6, 2011

Cedar Waxwings

Hubs was happily tending to tandoori chicken on the bbq, while the dogs enjoyed some fresh air and the scent of food cooking. Colby Blind Guy was busy barking and chasing after birds when hubs noticed our silver maple and crab apple tree was a focal point for these beautiful Cedar Waxwings. He called for me to get my camera but I could only hobble to fetch my it while complaining my sprained ankle hurt too much and could he please snap a shot or two.

They were hastily taken (blind guy barking them into flight) and a bit dark so photoshop and my handy-dandy skills went to work and here are the results. I love these birds.


  1. Great shots considering! What sweet rosy breasts they have (can I say that?)

  2. Michelle, I was just working on a post last night about these birds! There must be something about the apple trees as a swarm of them were in our orchard. They appeared to be eating the blooms. Why do I find that so bizarre?