Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Vintage Pretties

I just can't resist buying pretty vintage things for cheap. Many of my findings here were in the price range of $0.25 - $3.00 and because they're not breaking my budget, they're finding their way into my home. "...but they followed me home, really!"

I'm afraid I'm running out of places to put things and hubs is continuing to tell me I'm in danger of becoming a hoarder. I protest, telling him I'm building inventory for my 'little vintage shop' I'll have one day. I'm going to sell these one day and make a good return on my investment. Yah, right!

This "little vintage shop' is a dream and we need to dream because you just never know when that dream might become a tangible goal to work towards. Right? It's important to nurture a dream, feed it, keep it growing cause you never know.... right? So, aside from my love of vintage 'stuff' that's my reason for collecting vintage pretties... nothing of great value except in the eye of the beholder (like me, for instance). I know I'm not alone, right?

At a local thrift store, I found TWO vintage tablecloths and paid $0.50 for each of them. That's right!

I try to avoid using the flash on my camera. This clock is only retro in style but it's metal with a glass face and a price tag of $3.00. How could I NOT buy this?

I adopted these sweet things.

Lou Lou Belle was purchased in BC for a tidy price (meaning I paid too much), but I love her.

Come on now, seriously.... could you walk away from these little chicks?

Glass grapes from a yard sale and my Fenton compote was a gift from a dear friend.

This was a lucky find. It's a piggy bank and oh so femme!

The handle of this pretty gem is in rough shape (what do you expect for $1.00) so we're thinking it would make a great wall clock.

Ebay purchase. The frame is in rough shape so perhaps I'll watch for a replacement. Or not.

Hub's sister was going to trash this until hubs told her I would love to add that to my collection.


  1. Great finds!
    I love the spice containers - those are awesome. I avoid buying knick-knacks as I used to have too many, but seeing your fun buys makes me want to go shopping. Good score on the tablecloths - I need some of those.
    Do you dust all these things regularly, Michelle? :)

  2. Do I dust all those things regularly, you ask? Why, yes, but of course! (hee hee!) No.

  3. oh my, beautfiful finds! When I use to live in civilization and have my business, I was always at flea markets and out scouting... thanks for the memories! You are smart to pick up these things... it's an investment.

  4. Some pretty pieces! I could see the petal plate as a clock!

  5. Thank you!

    Ah yes, the glass plate... it's been dismantled without any issues and tucked away for a rainy day. I just need to find some suitable numbers and numbers, etc. Choices are narrow.