Friday, March 19, 2010

Food Freak...

So, I've not blogged in some time and then I wonder why my lonely little blog is so lonely... but it was never about popularity, this blogging adventure. I should write about why exactly I do blog but I have no straight answer. Still, a bit of recognition is most welcome.

In keeping my blog alive, I am going to plaster a whole mess o' foodie pics and I can't take credit for the majority of it. When we were city dwellers we had the opportunity to explore our cultural palate so far as our taste buds were concerned. This became a challenge for hubs... I would say "I bet you could do this at home" and, well, game on!

If you're hungry I hope, at the very least, you're inspired to get creative with endless choices of what you can create. I must, at this point, direct you to an incredible place to motivate and entice you:

Random order and no comments. Just the loveliness of good food that we are blessed to enjoy in the comforts of our own home and all made from scratch. Thank you my Love... you cook good and I have the blessed occasion of contributing.

One final note... we're sitting down to dinner and I get up and run off. Hubs says "What are you doing?" I answer, "I'm getting my camera, I have to take a picture of this." He pretends like it's not necessary but I know deep down that he's flattered and he knows it will end up here or somewhere.


  1. Oh, mmm Michelle, mouth-watering pictures! You've got a good eye for color and presentation, girl!
    I noticed your lack of posting but since you were leaving comments on MY blog I figured you were okay, lol! And you SHOULD be blogging more - I enjoy your entries!

  2. My camera skills are like this... point, shoot - no fussing about; do that several times and hope just one turns out. The only thing I try to focus on is what's in the background of the image that shouldn't be there.

    I'm very flattered by your comments and I'm hoping I'll be back in the blogging groove soon. You can only take so many photos of food, pets and vintage goodies.

  3. Oh I hear you on that ... ie: what to blog about. I was just thinking that my blog is full of animals and related stuff. Must get original here. Actually, must get out on the road and see NEW stuff!

  4. Wow! Your blog and pictures are inspiring. Hubs is a very lucky guy! Susan

  5. No, no! I'm the lucky gal! He's doing the majority of cooking. I specialize in a few things like jams, taramasalata, tzatziki, Greek salad (the way we like it) which are pretty basic.

    He's an incredible 'chef'.