Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vintage lighting makes me happy

I'm in love with vintage lighting and love finding a bargain even more. I hate spending top dollar for vintage items knowing full well that there are goodies out there to suit the 'practical budget'. Vintage lighting is one of my collections that I can't resist but must control. I was told to stop buying lamps at one time but I can't turn away a great deal when I find one. I do have more lighting fixtures and they're looking for a place to live in my home.

I just love the detail in the chrome of this lamp. It actually was purchased with a 100 watt light bulb. Wow!

This was a barter with a local antique dealer for a pair of funky 50's lamps (below) that I got from a yard sale for next to nothing. It was a mess and I spent meticulous hours making it just so. I believe it's a Schonbeck and it resides in my bedroom where I turn the dimmer switch down real low and stare at its sparkling beauty.

I just adore my TV Duck Lamp. I got it from the same yard sale as the 50's lamps and paid about $5 for it. Such a deal!

The base of this light fixture was a mess but the shade is in perfect condition. A bit of craft paint did the trick. It was an eBay purchase and very reasonable.

In a damp box with a $10 price tag at the back of a tacky antique store. It was ugly cheap brass but I had to have it and some elbow grease and ivory paint gave it back some of it's formal glory. I used to loathe those aurora borealis crystals but now I find them quite beautiful.

I found this cute tole chandelier in an antique store in Vancouver. It's perfect for my kitchen.

This is one of a pair that I found on eBay (and yes, a bargain price). I LOVE the glass star base. The only shades I could find suitable were from Wallmart. Who knew?

I must get a better shot of my brass bird of paradise lamp (another eBay deal). It didn't come with a shade but I managed to find this vintage pink fiberglass shade at a thrift store for just $5 and I think it works just fine.


  1. Oh I just love all these. So pretty and funky. I love your blog and I love your writing. Thanks for stopping by mine. I love your comments. x0x0x0

  2. Aw shucks and golly gee. Thanks, My Friend, No. 1 of two followers. LOL

  3. Wow, gorgeous!!!!! Except the duck. The duck is great, but...not...gorgeous, per se. I love vintage finds. They are so much more unique and fun, and the cheaper the better! The nicer it is, and the cheaper it is, the better the find.